Sheex Sleep Sax Review

Sheex Sleep SaxLast year we published a detailed review of Sheex Performance Bedding. When the product came out and I heard about it, I wanted to get my hands on a set right away, because I knew I would love them. At first I had a hard time writing about sheets on a golf website, but when I thought about it I realized that we all need to sleep well to perform our best. This applies not only to golf, but all other sports and life in general. If you get 8 hours of sleep every night, you’ll have spent one third of your life sleeping! It stands to reason then, that quality sheets and a good mattress are a good investment for anyone. Since they were introduced about a year ago, the popularity of Sheex has exploded, and many people have taken advantage of our special discount to save 10% off their entire order. Just got to http://sheex.com/intothegrain and save!

Sheex Performance Sheets are the best sheets I’ve ever used. They combine the cool, silky smooth feel of satin with the moisture wicking properties of athletic shirts. These sheets really do perform as advertised. Since I put them on my bed I have been able to bump up the thermostat a full four degrees at night, saving energy. The fabric breathes so well that I don’t get hot like I did sleeping under cotton sheets. The biggest problem I’ve noticed is that I can’t take these sheets with me when I travel. Hotel sheets feel like cardboard to me now. Thankfully, Sheex has come up with a solution for travelers out there that want to sleep on Sheex Performance Sheets on the road. It’s called the Sleep Sax!

Made of the same blend of materials as the sheets, Sheex has developed a travel sheet system from 82% Microfiber Polyester and 18% Lyrca Spandex. It’s basically a large sleeping bag that includes a built-in pillow pocket that will fit a king or standard pillow. The Sheex Sleep Sax is 44″ wide and 84″ long, giving almost everyone plenty of room to spread out. The stretchy material further enhances comfort, and you don’t get that claustrophobic feeling that you get in conventional sleeping bags. This also means that you don’t need a zipper to close it. There is simply a flap that opens enough to get in. A taller person may have a bit of trouble getting in, but it’s not a big deal. The Sleep Sax comes in black, grey and even a color they call “super cute pink”. I travel quite a bit, and you never know what kind of sheets you’ll get in hotels. There is always a risk of bed bugs in hotels too, which is a revolting and unfortunate reality. Using the Sleep Sax has made my hotel stays a bit more comfortable. You can slip into it under the hotel sheets, or simply lay in it on top of the bed as I do. I’ve even started bringing my own king pillow from home to use with it. The Sheex Online Store also sells a mini travel pillow.

Sheex Sleep Sax

The Sheex Sleep Sax has been a great addition to my luggage on road trips, and I’ve even offered it to guests to use when staying at my house overnight. It has received rave reviews from everyone that tried it, and I’m sure many that read this could find use for it. I’ve even used it as a summer sleeping bag on backpacking trips. It’s a bit heavier than a standard sleeping bag but it takes up much less space and is easier to pack and clean than a traditional sleeping bag. In the cooler months, it can even be used as a sleeping bag liner. I’ve also been told it’s a great alternative to the popular Snuggie blankets people huddle up with on the couch. However you use it, the Sheex Sleep Sax is a great compliment to their Performance Sheets.

To save 10% on your purchase of Sheex Performance Sheets, Sleep Sax or any of their other fine products, go to http://sheex.com/IntoTheGrain and shop away, you’ll get 10% off automatically. Please let me know what you think about the sheets by leaving us a comment below! In the mean time, check out the product video below and visit our full review – Sheex Performance Bedding.

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