Kentwool Socks – Wool Is Great For Summer

Kentwool Tour Profile SockIn the heat of summer, most people play golf in shorts. When wearing shorts and golf shoes, most people also wear short socks, or ankle socks. You know the ones – They just barely rise above the ankle and top of the shoe, and give us those awesome golf tan lines when wearing sandals. I used to buy the thinnest, lightest ankle socks I could find, because I thought these would be cooler for my feet. It wasn’t until I discovered Kentwool socks that I even considered wearing wool to play golf.

In my early twenties I spent lots of time skiing, camping and backpacking through the Eastern Townships of Quebec and the White Mountains of New Hampshire. I loved wool socks for their comfort and warmth. Wool has unique properties that will keep you warm even when wet, which is why wool socks are great in cold weather. What I didn’t realize is that the same properties that make wool great for hiking also makes it great for golf socks. Kentwool has come up with a line of high quality, functional wool blend socks that are gaining a large following on the PGA and LPGA Tours. Using a blend of 61% Wool, 27% Polyester, 10% Nylon and 2% Spandex, Kentwool has managed to make a sock that is durable, comfortable and performs great in all weather.

Kentwool Low Profile SockI’m making the switch to Kentwool socks from now on. Most of my golf is played with a cart in Florida, but I prefer to walk when possible. Either way, it will be nice to have Kentwool on my feet. They really are the best socks I’ve worn for golf. Kentwool makes three styles of golf sock for men and three for women: Men get a choice between the Tour Standard, Tour Profile or Low Profile. The Tour standard is a full length sock. The Tour Profile is a shorter length, sitting just above the ankle. The Low Profile is designed for the “no show” look without slipping down. It hugs the foot and helps you get that nice golfer tan line around your ankles. The Women’s line has the Tour Profile, Low Profile and Low Profile Skinny. The skinny was designed for women with slender or narrow heels.

Why Wear Wool? It’s all about the four Ws!

Weather – Wool’s ability to absorb moisture from humid environments and redirect it to dryer areas makes it an ideal year-round fiber. Always keeping dry air next to skin, it creates a micro-climate for dry, odor-free feet in the summer and warmth and protection in colder months.

Wear – Superfine merino wool is lightweight, durable and requires minimal care while providing maximum comfort. Wool’s molecular makeup is like a spring, allowing it to stretch and snap back into shape far better than other leading materials.

Wicking – A natural performance fiber, wool takes up moisture in vapor form and redirects it keeping skin dry to the touch. Wool can absorb up to 30% its weight in moisture without feeling damp or clammy.

Wallet – Compared to other materials, the above benefits translate into a longer-lasting, higher-performing sock. By purchasing one pair of Kentwool socks versus multiple pairs from other brands due to lesser quality, you put money back into your pocket.

Kentwool Tour Standard SockIf you combine Kentwool golf socks with a super comfortable pair of shoes like those available from Kikkor Golf, you’ll be able to walk all day in total comfort!  All socks sell for $19.95/pair except the Tour Standard which sell for $24.95/pair. Go to the Kentwool Online Shop to purchase. Now, if we can just do something about that short game…

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