Ecco Tour Hybrid Wingtip Shoes

ECCO Golf Collection - Men's Tour Hybrid Wingtip Lion_BurntOchreIt’s no secret among my friends and peers that I’m a big fan of Ecco shoes. After all, I have 6 pairs! They have just about everything one could want in a shoe. They are durable, fit well, comfortable and stylish. The one complaint I hear all the time is that they cost too much. Personally I don’t see this as a valid complaint because like any premium product in any category, if you want quality you’ll have to pay a bit more for it.

Such is the case with Ecco’s newest golf shoe – the Tour Hybrid Wingtip. Retailing at about $190, you can certainly get a cheaper shoe, but I doubt you can find one so well constructed for the money. By combining the classic styling of a traditional wingtip dress shoe and the modern materials and traction of their popular TPU nubby outsole that Fred Couples made famous, they have created a great looking, functional golf shoe that you can wear all over. In fact, I probably wear my Hybrid Wingtips to work more often than on the golf course.

While these shoes can be worn anywhere, make no mistake – this is a golf shoe first and foremost. The patented outsole configuration of approximately 100 molded traction bars and 800-plus traction angles provides plenty of grip. The TPU material is much more durable than rubber and is said to last the life of the shoe. The GORE-TEX liner makes them waterproof while still allowing your foot to breathe, and the fit is more precise than most other shoes on the market.

ECCO Golf Collection - Men's Tour Hybrid WingtipEcco shoes seem to fit my foot perfectly, and the deep heel pocket keeps my foot securely in place. Everyone’s feet are different of course, and the Euro sizing makes them a little different for fitting. It goes without saying, but because many people order online these days I would recommend trying them on in store first to get the right sizing. Pair them with a nice pair of Kentwool socks and your feet will be happy.

Spending $190 for the Ecco Tour Hybrid Wingtip is a bargain, and here’s why: Considering that a decent pair of business casual work shoes and a nice pair of golf shoes will cost well over $200 together, these can perform both duties for less moolah. Not only that, but the Eccos will probably outlast the other two pairs anyway!

In summary – I love everything about this shoe. I can wear them right out of the house to work, then simply walk on the golf course in the afternoon with no discomfort at all. They provide plenty of traction and stability while keeping my feet dry, and they look fantastic. The Ecco Tour Hybrid Wingtip isn’t just my favorite golf shoe, they are my favorite shoes.

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