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John Duval - WAGC 2015 in Belek, Turkey
Me at the 2015 World Amateur Golfers Championship at Gloria Golf Resort in Belek, Turkey

Message From the Editor: Like many others, I am addicted to golf. It’s my obsession. It’s my drug. Golf pits the player against others, against nature, and against themselves – all at the same time.

Sports have a way of showing the world your true colors, and no game is better at building and revealing character than the game of golf. It is a game that cannot be mastered. The constant challenge that golf provides is the reason I love it so much.

With a degree in Information Technology and a passion for writing, it was only fitting that I combine my skills with a love of the game and start intothegrain.com!

Our mission is to educate, inform and entertain by bringing our readers equipment reviews, swing tips & advice, news, opinions and humor using a fun, informal writing style with an emphasis on readability.

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John F Duval, Editor