2023 Holiday Gift Guide

Treat the golfer in your life this holiday season with the best golf gifts! The holidays are a perfect time to show the golfers in your life that you care. With these unique golf gifts, you can help take their game to the next level or simply make their time on the course more enjoyable. Consider these excellent gift ideas:

Listen and Track with the Bushnell Wingman View GPS Speaker

The Bushnell Wingman View combines two essential golf technologies – GPS distances and a Bluetooth speaker – into one sleek, lightweight device that attaches to your cart or bag. The GPS provides precise front, center and back distances to the green, both visually and spoken, so you’ll know exactly which club to use. The built-in speaker lets you listen to music, podcasts or audiobooks from your phone wirelessly while you play. This is the ultimate golfer’s gadget and one of the best golf accessories for men and women.

Give the Gift of Comfort with VKTRY Insoles

Help your favorite golfer put their best foot forward with VKTRY insoles. These revolutionary carbon fiber insoles feature a patented technology that redistributes weight away from common foot pain points, providing all-day comfort and support. VKTRY insoles reduce fatigue and ensure proper alignment and weight distribution throughout the swing. VKTRY insoles can also increase ground forces during the golf swing, which helps you swing faster and hit the ball further. Give the gift of pain-free walking and an improved game. Mens and womens models available around $99.

Upgrade Their Irons with Takomo Forged Irons

Treat your special golfer to the innovative and incredibly affordable Takomo forged irons this holiday season. The S20 Japanese forged steel heads of the Takomo 301irons provide unmatched feel and feedback through the turf, while the hollow body design of the Takomo 101 irons shifts weight to the perimeter for more forgiveness on mishits. Takomo’s sleek, playability-enhancing irons come with premium KBS Tour steel shafts and start and only $489 for a 7-club set (4-PW)!!

I have a set of the Takomo 301 MB irons, and while I was apprehensive going back to a forged blade at 49 years old, my fears quickly went away as I rediscovered my love for these forged butter knives. Paradoxically, switching from a cavity back to a blade gave me my confidence back and has immediately improved my iron play. I love these irons, and knowing they are available for less than half the price of most premium Japanese forged irons makes it feel that much sweeter.

Carry in Style with Big Max Golf Bags and Carts

Make it easy for your golfer to get from hole to hole with top-quality golf bags and push carts from Big Max Golf – The most popular golf bags and push carts in Europe. The lightweight but durable bags come in stylish designs and provide ample storage. The push carts fold up small but hold all their gear securely while gliding smoothly across the course. Big Max bags, like the popular Dri Lite Hybrid Tour Stand Bag, start at $159.00 and push carts at $99.00.

Rapsodo MLM2PRO Launch Monitor

Personal launch monitors are one of the hottest segments of the vast golf accessory market, and the great thing for consumers is that as the technology gets better and better, so do the prices! A few years ago the cheapest effective launch monitor would set you back over $10,000, but now there are several very good products available for a fraction of that price. One of the best bang-for-the-buck launch monitors is the new Rapsodo MLM2Pro which sells for only $699 on Amazon and gives you 13 metrics like spin rate and spin axis and can be used indoors or out. For more info, go to www.rapsodo.com

With these wonderful gift ideas, you can make any golfer’s wish come true this holiday season! From smart tech to performance equipment upgrades, comfort essentials to carrying convenience, these products will bring a smile to any golf lovers face. Happy holiday shopping!

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