ClubCrown – Cover Up That Tacky Paint Job!

clubcrownOnce in a while, a product comes along that makes me think – Why didn’t I think of that!? ClubCrown is one of those products, and it was born partly because of the ridiculous trend of clubs being painted all sorts of colors. When white drivers started hitting the market, many golf purists around the world reacted the same way; with a collective face-palm. I was one of them, until I realized what a brilliant marketing strategy this was. After all, when you saw a PGA Tour pro pull a white driver out, you knew immediately what company’s club it was. That is, until other brands started painting their clubs, then it just got out of hand.

ClubCrown is now here to save the day with an innovative new product that lets you change the look of your driver, fairway wood or hybrid to suit your individual taste. They make an adhesive skin that fits over your driver’s crown, allowing you to change the look and potentially covering up that ill-advised paint job. You can choose from literally dozens of designs, from the popular carbon fiber look to flashy patterns in many colors, collegiate & military logos and even flags from several countries. The added benefit of having a cover on your club is protection from those dreaded sky marks, or idiot marks, but I’m sure that isn’t a problem for you, right?

cache_300_300_carbon fiber black 3d clubcrownClubCrown is busy setting up a network of authorized installers so more and more people can customize their clubs. The installation process is a bit too complicated for a self service type of installation, so they only recommend it be done by one of their trained installers. This may be a negative if you aren’t near one of their certified installers, but you can always ship your club to them. I got the black matte carbon fiber look to cover the crown of my awesome but ugly Adams Super LS driver, and it looks great. The USGA approved adhesive ClubCrown adds about one swing-weight, if you are concerned with that. Most people you won’t even notice the difference.

ClubCrown is such a simple idea, and I’m glad someone thought of it. There are suddenly a whole lot of ugly drivers out there, and now you have a viable option to cover up bad paint jobs and busy alignment marks or simply to give your clubs a personal touch. For the price (around $39 installed), you can’t really beat it. Take a few minutes and browse their designs, and I bet you’ll find one you like! Follow them on Twitter and Facebook, and share your design ideas and photos.

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