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Taylor Made XFT Wedges – Spied!

Taylor Made XFT Wedge
Taylor Made XFT Wedge

The crack equipment investigators over at Mygolfspy.com have uncovered Taylor Made’s new XFT wedges, which have interchangable faces. Check out their full article about them here:


View the updated story about the official intro of these wedges here!

The concept is to allow players to replace the face of a wedge when it wears out, or for a different level of playability. Most golfers don’t get new wedges that often – maybe once a season or less, but many of the guys on tour get new wedges every week to maintain that new wedge bite. A wedge with interchangable faces would allow the player to simply change the face to bring the wedge back to like-new playability. For amateurs who aren’t affected as quickly by the new USGA Groove Rule, they could switch back and forth between conforming grooves and non-conforming grooves, depending on whether they are playing in a USGA event that requireds the new grooves or not.

Photo courtesy of golftoimpress.com
Photo courtesy of golftoimpress.com

We’ll see if these wedges, when released, ¬†catch on with the public or not. I for one am not a huge fan of this design, mostly because I’m a traditionalist and I think I would tinker too much. I also question the durability of the wedges and the mechanism for keeping the faces secure on the club through impact. Go over to www.mygolfspy.com to read the full article, and subscribe to their RSS feed, they are on the cutting edge of new equipment and it’s worth a read for sure!

What do you think of these new wedges? Will it catch on or be a fad that goes the way of the Carbite wedge or interchangable face putters? Let us know by leaving a commment.

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