Sheex Performance Bedding – The World’s First Athletic Sheets

Sheex Performance BeddingI know I know, I’m sure your first thought when reading this title was: “What the heck does bedding have to do with golf?” There are a few reasons why I’m talking about bed sheets on a golf website. For starters, everyone has to sleep – even golfers. In fact, most people will spend about a third of their lifetime sleeping! (8 hours per 24 hour day) Secondly, anyone who lives an active lifestyle knows how beneficial a good night’s rest can be for recovery and stress reduction. Even so, sleeping isn’t something most people think about. I never gave it much thought either, until I discovered Sheex. A while back, LPGA golfer Paula Creamer wrote on twitter account about Sheex after ordering one of their body sleeves for traveling. After reading about their products I reached out and they were kind enough to send me a set to try out for myself.

Before you read on – for those interested in saving a few bucks, Sheex has created a promo code for our readers!  To receive 10% off purchases from the Sheex Online Store. Just go here: http://sheex.com/intothegrain and you’ll receive 10% off automatically.

What is Sheex? Sheex is performance bedding. Long gone are the days of wearing a heavy cotton shirt to work out, or even play golf. Most people (in warm climates especially) wear some sort of moisture wicking light weight fabric, like Nike’s DryFit, Adidas’ CLIMACOOL or Under Armour. So why sleep on heavy cotton sheets any more? After seeing the evolution of fabrics in athletic clothing, company founders Susan Walvius and Michelle Marciniak decided to bring the same type of high performance fabrics to the bedroom and created Sheex.

Sheex Founders Susan Walvius & Michelle MarciniakTo describe it in the most basic terms, Sheex bedding is like Under Armor for your bed. Sheex performance bedding is designed to help people sleep better by achieving and maintaining better thermal conditions for sleep. What does that mean? Basically, Sheex helps keep your body cooler, which is one of the most critical factors for optimal sleep. According to the University of Maryland Medical Center, “A cool (not cold) bedroom is often the most conducive to sleep.” The National Sleep Foundation also notes that “temperatures above 75 degrees and below 54 degrees will disrupt sleep,” with 65 degrees being the ideal sleep temperature for most individuals, according to the Foundation.

Sheex performance bedding works just like an athletic shirt or shorts made of similar materials. According to testing conducted at the North Carolina State University Center for Research on textile Protections and Comfort, the bedding transfers body heat twice as effectively as cotton and breaths nearly 50% better to allow the body to cool itself rapidly for faster and deeper sleep onset. It also reduces temperature fluctuations that can be distracting to sleep. The high performance fabrics used in Sheex also feel softer and cooler to the touch than cotton. “Research shows that sleeping better and longer leads to improvements in athletic performance, including faster sprint time, better endurance, lower heart rate, and even improved mood and higher levels of energy during a workout. …Getting a better night’s sleep is about making a larger investment in sleep overall, including taking a closer look at your sleep surface and surroundings. Improving sleep quality is just as important as quantity.” – Dr. Bert Jacobson, Oklahoma State University

But the real question is, does one really sleep better with Sheex versus cotton sheets? In a word – probably! I was sent a king set to test at home. The king set included a fitted sheet, top sheet and two king pillow cases. At first glance and touch, the sheets are smooth and silky feeling, just like a good athletic fabric. However, the fabric used in Sheex bedding is quite a bit thicker than a DryFit shirt, giving it a very luxurious and high quality feel. The bedding is also made with Lycra, so it is stretchy to fit any bed well. Before putting the Sheex on my bed, I ran them through the washer and dryer. After a normal wash cycle, I noticed that they came out of the washer almost completely dry, which is consistent with the company’s claims that they dry three times faster than cotton and effectively wick moisture. Being made of 82% Polyester and 18% Lycra spandex, the fabric won’t shrink or fade like cotton either. After a quick session in the dryer they were ready. I have a king size Sealy memory foam mattress with an additional 1.5″ thick memory foam topper. Most normal fitted sheets are a tight fit, but the stretchy Sheex bedding slid on with ease and I have plenty of additional room. I’ve noticed with memory foam mattresses that when a fitted sheet is too small, it limits the effectiveness of such a bed, not allowing the body to totally sink into it. the ability of the Sheex bedding to stretch allows the sleeper to sink into the memory foam a bit more for a better “fit”.

Sheex Performance BeddingAfter my first night with Sheex I particularly enjoyed the soft, luxurious feel of the pillow cases. Most people sweat a bit during sleep, weather they know it or not. The moisture wicking ability of Sheex may help with this. My pillow felt soft and cool, which is very nice. I even brought my Sheex covered pillow on a recent road trip, giving that hotel pillows are always too soft or too thick for my tastes. I live in Florida, and the weather at the time of my testing has been in the mid 90s with over 60% humidity. Needless to say, it’s not the most comfortable weather for sleeping. My thermostat normally stays at 74 during the day, and goes down to 72 at night. The actual temperature in my bedroom normally hovers a few degrees above the rest of the house, so when the thermostat is set on 74 I have trouble sleeping. I decided to experiment for a few nights to test the Sheex bedding’s ability to transfer body heat, breathe better and wick moisture better than cotton sheets. For my testing, I bumped the temperature to 75 for a few nights to see if I was able to get to sleep and remain asleep with the Sheex bedding, then tried the same with my old cotton sheets. As stated above by the National Sleep Foundation, 75 degrees is the borderline high temperature for a good night’s sleep and 10 degrees above the ideal temperature of 65.

There weren’t any scientific methods or techniques used in my test, I just tried to sleep normally with the different sheets and tried to observe the results. With the Sheex bedding, I didn’t feel hot or uncomfortable, and I slept well for the most part. I woke up once or twice, rolled over and went back to sleep, which is normal for me. In the morning I felt rested and ready to go, which is also normal for me. After two nights with the Sheex, I went back to my old cotton bedding for two nights at the same 75 degree temperature. I didn’t employ any timers or brain wave measurement devices to get real concrete data like a lab study would use, but at 75 degrees with the cotton sheets I wasn’t able to get to sleep. I was not able to cool down enough and get comfortable, which is consistent with all the times in the past and why I always set the thermostat to 72 at night.

Given my past experience with cotton sheets and the two nights I spent with the Sheex bedding at a room temperature that was three degrees warmer than normal, I can conclude that the two times better heat transfer and 46% better breathing claims of Sheex compared to cotton are absolutely true. Of course there are many factors that go into a good night’s sleep, but I’ve been sleeping normally for two weeks with Sheex on my bed and I’ve settled on a temperature of 74 degrees in the house, which is two degrees warmer than normal for me. One could even claim that Sheex will save you money on your electric bill, not only by using less AC, but also because they take less time in the dryer! I know, that’s a bit of a stretch, but every penny counts in a down economy right?

Sheex bedding comes in several colors and all the most common sizes, as well as collections for baby beds, boats and RVs. Also available is the Sleep Sax, which is a fantastic travel sleeping bag. This one is becoming very popular with travelers who cringe at the thought of sleeping in dingy, starchy hotel bedding. I for one love bringing my Sleep Sax me when I travel to golf tournaments and such. Guests at my house also ask for it while they are hear! Check out the review of the Sheex Sleep Sax here.

At a price of $219 (king) and $199 (queen), Sheex bedding falls into the premium price range of Silk and high end Satin sheets. If they can contribute to energy savings as I speculated above, I wonder how long would it take for them to pay for themselves? Either way, given that we spend so much of our lives in bed and that the value of a good night’s sleep is immeasurable, both for working professionals and athletes, the price for a high quality set of bedding seems reasonable to me. I can do better than that however. Through their affiliate program, the nice folks at Sheex have created a promo code for ITG readers to receive 10% off purchases from the Sheex Online Store.  Just go here: http://sheex.com/intothegrain and you’ll receive 10% off automatically. This amounts to a savings of over $20 on a king sheet set, which isn’t bad if you ask me.

With all the advancements in high performance fabrics, it only makes sense that someone would have thought to put those fabrics on your bed. When I read about Sheex, I had one of those “Why didn’t I think of that!?” moments. While I can’t state that they will help everyone sleep better, they helped me sleep better. I can’t say they are affordable for everyone, because not everyone thinks spending $200 on sheets is reasonable. But if you are willing to spend thousands on a quality bed like many are, why not put quality sheets on it? Most people play sports in high performance moisture wicking fabrics now, so why sleep on old fashioned cotton bedding? Sheex performance bedding is catching on with professional athletes and others who just want to sleep better. I’m very impressed with the product, and I recommend it to anyone who wants to get a better night’s sleep!

Remember, for a 10% discount on Sheex, visit shop.sheex.com and use our exclusive promo code!


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17 thoughts on “Sheex Performance Bedding – The World’s First Athletic Sheets

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  • Interesting. At first after reading the title of the post I smirked at the thought of a sheet specifically for athletes. But in actuality it could be for anyone who’s looking for a better nights sleep.
    It’s a good concept! I’d like to try them.

  • sandra Hodgins

    I purchased a set of these sheet and I am very disappointed. if you have any calest skin it catches on them, my husband asked me to take them off. any other recommendations other than sheenx

  • John Duval

    I have to agree with you Sandra. If you have sharp toenails, they tend to catch and snag a bit. I had this issue also, which I fixed by simply filing my nails. I got used to their tendency to snag a bit after a few nights, and they don’t do it as much after a few washings. It’s a different feeling for sure, but the overall comfort and performance of these sheets is amazing. Thanks for your comment!

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  • joanne

    I suggest one just sleep in their spandex. When asked if they work, the answer was “probably”???? probably???? LMAO .. a sucker born every minute.

  • Joannie

    A sucker is born every minute!

  • John Duval

    Have you tried Sheex Joannie?

  • Alice

    Is it best to wash Sheex sheets before using?

  • Robert Thomas

    Of course she hasn’t John. It’s easier to label something a gimmick then be able to fork out the money for something that is a bit pricey. Sleeping in your spandex does zero to eliminate the problem other sheets have that Sheex do not. It’s not just a comfort thing (while they ARE ridiculously comfortable), its the ability of the product to regulate body temperature to a certain degree. It’s science, just not rocket science.

    I agree with Nicole above, the marketing as a “Sport Sheet” or being just for athletes is exactly that, marketing, but it very much is for anybody. How many times do you kick off in the night, or wake in a sweat, or sleep with a foot out of the covers to cool your body. This is what Sheex attempts to conquer. They are extremely light-weight, but when you cover with them, you don’t feel really warm, but then you kick on a fan in the room and you don’t feel really cold. I myself am impressed at how they work “for me”.

    Do I think they will work for everybody? Absolutely not. Everyone is different. Have they worked for me (I’ve owned them for almost 5 months)? Absolutely. First night with them I slept through the entire night for the first time in 8 months. I’ve loved them ever since. Every friend I recommended them to loves them. I personally use the sheet only. My parents use a light comforter on top of the sheet because that is what works for them. Everyone’s mileage will vary like with anything else you buy, but it is NOT a gimmick. If you are ok spending the money on them but are curious as to whether they will work for you, try them out. Bed Bath & Beyond carries them if you don’t want to order online and return them if they aren’t your cup of tea.

  • John Duval

    I washed them before using just to get the new product smell out of them.

  • Melissa


    Before you starting using Sheex, did you feel your memory foam bed slept warm? We have a new memory foam mattress and by morning there are hot spots! Wondering if these Sheex will be a solution. Thanks.

  • John Duval

    To answer your question, I don’t think the sheets will necessarily fix your hot spot issue, because I think it’s due to the mattress more than anything else. I think the hot spots of a memory foam mattress are due to the pocket your body creates, as air has trouble circulating around your body. But that’s pure speculation on my part. I can’t say getting Sheex bedding would fix your issue but I would venture a guest that it would help. I have indeed noticed that the Sheex bedding breathes better and keeps me cooler. What I love best is that they feel cooler to the touch all the time. I would never go back to cotton sheets based on that alone. Hope that helps you!

  • High-performance fabrics for the bed? Not something I have come across before but intriguing. Have trouble sleeping in warm weather so this might be an option.

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