Sheex Sheets – Review

Sheex SheetsI frequently travel to golf tournaments and stay in mediocre hotel rooms with starchy cotton sheets. I had been looking for a better option than simply upgrading to even more expensive hotels when LPGA Star Paula Creamer took to her Twitter account to talk about her Sheex Sleep Sax that she travels with. I immediately got one for myself and still use it every time I travel and stay in hotels. Once I got used to luxurious feel and comfort of the Sleep Sax, I decided it was time to have that luxury every night at home, and I got a set of Sheex sheets for my bedroom. In the year’s time I’ve been sleeping on Sheex sheets, they have actually saved me money and paid for themselves. For an explanation and more detailed look at Sheex Performance Sheets, check out my full review from last summer.


Sheex athletic sheets are nothing like the old fashioned cotton bedding most people sleep on. They are like a moisture wicking athletic shirt for your bed, very similar to the popular Under Armor shirts. The fabric is a combination of 82% Polyester and 18% Lycra spandex, and it won’t shrink or fade like cotton. According to the North Carolina State University Center for Research on textile Protections and Comfort, Sheex sheets transfer body heat twice as effectively as cotton and breaths nearly 50% better. This allows the body to cool itself rapidly for faster and deeper sleep. It also reduces fluctuations in temperature that can be distracting to sleep. The high performance fabrics used in Sheex also feel softer and cooler to the touch than cotton. Imagine having the “other side of the pillow” feeling all night, that’s what Sheex feels like.


Sheex SheetsSheex sheets are available online and at Bed Bath and Beyond stores nationwide. Prices for a Queen set  are $199, and a King set runs a bit more at $219. We spend so much of our lives in bed (about 1/3 of every day) that the price for a high quality set of bedding like Sheex seems reasonable to me. For those looking for a coupon or discount, Sheex has created a promo code for our readers to receive 10% off purchases from the Sheex online store. Just go to http://sheex.com/IntoTheGrain get 10% off your entire order at checkout. This amounts to a savings of over $20 on a king sheet set, which isn’t bad if you ask me. Trust me, once you spend a few nights with Sheex sheets, you won’t sleep on anything else.

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