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Cleveland CG Black Driver
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For golfers who have lost distance over the years or are looking for a few extra yards (Who isn’t?) with forgiveness on off-center hits, Cleveland Golf is introducing the new CB Black line of woods, irons and wedges as a solution. The CG Black line is the next logical step from Cleveland’s ultralight drivers that debuted last year with great success.

The Cleveland CG Black driver weighs in at a paltry 265 grams, making it the lightest driver on the market. Using an aerodynamic crown design called “Speed Crown Design” which is shaped like a teardrop helps to generate more swing speed by optimizing airflow around the head during the swing. Cleveland’s “MaxCOR2 Variable Face Thickness Technology” increases the trampoline effect on off-center hits, increasing distance. The CG Black driver features the ultra-light Miyazaki C. Kua 39 shaft and a Golf Pride Tour 25 grip, a combination that decreases the overall weight of the club. In my experience with several models of Miyazaki shafts, they have been very stable and consistent at weights from 39 grams all the way up to 85 grams. The minimum advertised price for the CG Black driver is $399.99

Cleveland CG Black Fairway
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Like the driver, the Cleveland CG Black fairways are among the lightest in golf. The teardrop crown shape increases swing speed and the weight screw at the rear of the sole plate to create a deep and low center of gravity, helping shots get airborne. As with the driver, the CG Black fairways are draw biased for greater distance and a strong trajectory. The same Miyazaki C. Kua 39 gram shaft is in the fairways. The minimum advertised price for the CG Black fairways is $229.99

Cleveland CG Black Irons
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The Cleveland Golf CG Black irons and wedges feature a multi-material construction that incorporates a thin titanium face for maximum forgiveness and distance. CG Black irons and wedges have an undercut cavity that positions the center of gravity low and deep to optimize trajectory, spin and playability. The irons are available with optional Miyazaki 59 gram graphite shafts or the Nippon NS Pro 850GH lightweight steel shaft. All irons and wedges sport Cleveland’s Tour Zip Grooves and Laser Milled treatment to maximize spin. The Cleveland CG Black irons carry a minimum advertised price of $999.99 (graphite) and $899.99 (steel) for a set of 7 irons. the CG Black wedges will be $139.99 (steel) and $149.99 (graphite)

The prices are a minimum advertised price, but I suspect when the CG Black line is released on November 25, 2011 that the retail prices will be slightly lower. We’ll be getting a set of these very soon and posting our review as soon as we can so stay tuned!

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