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As a fan of Srixon golf equipment I’m always excited to see what new clubs Srixon will bring to the market. While their lineup has remained unchanged in the United States for a few years, they continue to release new clubs in the Australasia market. With the popularity in Japan and the use of the new clubs on the professional tours, the new line of clubs will be introduced in the USA sometime this fall, and when I get more details and the release date I’ll update this post. The new drivers, fairways and irons will be called Z-TX, and they are also putting out a new hybrid. We are one of the first people to see these new clubs – check out the photos!

Srixon Z-TX Irons
Srixon Z-TX Irons
Srixon Z-TX Driver
Srixon Z-TX Driver
Srixon Z-TX Fairways
Srixon Z-TX Fairways
New Srixon Hybrid
New Srixon Hybrid

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*** Update 9/5/2009 ***

The new clubs begin shipping 10/15 and will be available at retailers shortly after.

Z-TX driver
Retail price: $499

Feature: Super Ti-X51- Face Material
– Advantage: Proprietary low density, yet strong Titanium material allowing weight to be moved away from the face

– Benefit: Promotes a higher launch angle with less spin combined with maximum COR

Feature: Twin Cam Sole
– Advantage: Strategically positions 11 grams of weight to the extreme perimeter of the clubhead creating a high MOI. The MOI created applies to the entire club head.

– Benefit: This clubhead is extremely stable through impact and fine tuned to each loft offering optimal launch and spin c

Feature: 6 part bulge and roll design
– Advantage: Patent Pending design that precisely controls side spin and launch angle when hit outside the center of the face

– Benefit: The 6 part bulge controls side spin while the 6 part roll controls launch angle resulting in better controlled miss-hits

Feature: Straight topline
– Advantage: Shape profile was inspired by Srixon’s professional tour staff and meet their critical standards

– Benefit: The shape allows for better alignment on every shot for added consistency

8.5, 9.5, 10.5

S 70g 3.5 MID
R 68g 3.5 MID
* X-Flex – Custom aftermarket shaft only.

Z-TX fairway wood
Retail price: $249

Feature: Custom 455 Maraging steel face with variable face thickness technology
– Advantage: Starburst variable face technology generates higher ball speeds

– Benefit: Higher ball speeds created by the face material and structure maximizes overall distance potential

#3, #5

S 72g 4.0 MID
R 70g 4.0 MID

* X-Flex – Custom aftermarket shaft only.

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6 thoughts on “Srixon Z-TX Clubs – Sneak Peak

  • will they have a graphite shaft option?

  • John Duval

    I don’t think you will see a graphite shaft option. I know they will probably offer the Project X and Nippon Steel shafts as custom options. Here’s the latest info I have on the new irons:

    Z-TX irons

    Retail price: $899

    Feature: Most advanced variable face in a forged iron

    – Advantage: Soft, yet responsive feel

    – Benefits:

    § 20% larger sweet spot than previous model

    § Greater distance and feel across the face

    Feature: 5g Tungsten weights on toe and heel

    – Advantage: Increases the stability (MOI) of a traditional shaped iron

    – Benefit: More consistent distance control across the face leading to more accurate shots


    – Straight leading edge with slightly longer blade length

    – Stepped sole geometry

    § Advantage: The step makes the blade easier to swing through the turf

    § Benefit: Sole geometry improves the club heads travel through the rough



    3 21º 60º 38.75” 3.5

    4 24º 60.5º 38.25” 3.8

    5 27º 61º 37.75” 4.0

    6 30º 61.5º 37.25” 4.3

    7 34º 62º 36.75” 4.5

    8 38º 62.5º 36.25” 4.8

    9 42º 63º 35.75” 5.0

    PW 46º 63.5º 35.25” 5.3

  • Keith

    Thank you John, I was waiting soooo long for this information since they announced the release in Japan.
    I am going for it!

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  • Thanks for the information been looking at these clubs and this helped me steer me in the right direction!

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