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New Cleveland CG15 Wedges – Coming Soon!

Cleveland CG15 w/ Laser Etched Grooves
Cleveland CG15 w/ Laser Etched Grooves

Cleveland Golf is introducing their new CG15 wedge, which will be launched November 13th. Cleveland was purchased by Srixon earlier this year, but there doesn’t seem to be any melding of technology between the two companies. Cleveland’s current wedge choices include the CG14 which is a cast cavity style wedge, and the CG12 which looks like a more traditional wedge. The New CG15 looks a lot like the current CG12 from the back, with one exception: The dots that used to denote the bounce of the club used to be on the hosel and now are on the sole of the club, along with the bounce measurement. The CG12s don’t tell you what the bounce angle is, you would have to look it up. The new wedges will be available in 4 finishes. Black Pearl, Chrome, and Oil Quenched, with the latter coming in a DSG or regular sole grind. The will retail for $119 each.

The other new feature of the wedges are the new laser etched grooves. Between the already spin happy Cleveland Zip Grooves are laser etched mini-grooves, designed to create even more spin. Using the precision of a laser, 4 perfectly calibrated texture lines are milled between each groove exactly to the conforming roughness limit. This roughness application optimizes ball-to-face friction and maximizes spin under the rules of golf

In other words, you’re gonna spin these babies! Either way, if you are a casual golfer and want to take advantage of the current groove technology for the foreseeable future, I suggest you start stockpiling wedges like NRA members do Guns after a Democrat victory.

Enjoy the pictures, and CLICK HERE for the first review of these new wedges – before they come out in stores!

Cleveland CG15 w/ Black Pearl Finish
Cleveland CG15 w/ Black Pearl Finish
Cleveland CG15 w/ Laser Etched Grooves
Cleveland CG15 w/ Laser Etched Grooves
Cleveland CG15 w/ Chrome Finish
Cleveland CG15 w/ Chrome Finish
Cleveland CG15 w/ Oil Quenched Finish
Cleveland CG15 w/ Oil Quenched Finish
Cleveland CG15 DSG w/ Oil Quenched Finish
Cleveland CG15 DSG w/ Oil Quenched Finish
One of the things that has made Cleveland wedges so popular over the years is there diverse selection of lofts and bounce angles, making it possible to fit just about any player to the right wedge. My only gripe is that there isn’t enough effort put into fitting wedges properly. The wedge fitting on the Cleveland Golf Website tries, but it’s more of a novelty to me. I would love to see a comprehensive wedge fitting system to match a two, three or four wedge system to the proper loft and bounce for players of all abilities, but I’ll go into this a bit more in my review of the CG15s. For now, here’s the spec sheet:
Just a quick explanation of the dot system Cleveland uses for the bounce angles on their wedges. Since most golfers don’t really know how bounce affects their wedges, Cleveland dumbed down it’s specs by using dots on the hosel instead of the actual bounce number. With the new CG15s, they have added the actual bounce number along with the dots to the sole of the wedge. Below is a simple explanation of how it works:

Low Bounce –  1 dot

Good when playing from firm turf conditions and tight lies.Also, fits players with shallow attack angles.

Standard bounce – 2 dot

Accommodates the largest variety of sand, turf and swing types.

High bounce – 3 dot

Excellent from softer turf conditions and bunkers. Good for players with very steep attack angles.

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5 thoughts on “New Cleveland CG15 Wedges – Coming Soon!

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  • Question. Currently use CG12 with 56/14 bounce as my most lofted wedge. Thinking of replacing with CG15 58 as my most lofted wedge. My gap is CG12 52/10. I play mostly public courses in Massachusetts. Should I opt for the 14 degree bounce in the 58, or go wih the standard 12 degrees? TY

  • John Duval

    I would say that if you hit down steeply on the ball or play in soft turf conditions, go with more bounce. As far as the loft, it’s always good to keep a constant gap between wedges like 4 or 6 degrees. So a 52 and 58 gives you a 6 degree gap. If you have a 46 degree PW that should work fine. Personally, I prefer a 6 degree gap. I carry a 48,54 & 60.

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