Tiger Woods Tantrum Captured on Video!

I was browsing the web and messing around when I came across this video:

Tiger’s temper isn’t unlike many weekend hacks who play the game, with the exception that he has cameras on him at all times. He seems to drop the occasional F bomb with cameras rolling as well. I have played in front of cameras and crowds before, and personally my attitude changes quite a bit when I’m around people that don’t know me. It makes me wonder how much the pressure of closing in on Jack’s major record and Snead’s PGA Tour wins record is getting to him.

Tiger is no doubt very aware of his status as a role model for today’s youth, and perhaps he should be more careful when throwing clubs and swearing after a bad shot. Tiger is able to control his emotions better than most, but I think he would play better (scary) if he learned to accept a bad result and focus more on the shot at hand. After all, his C game is still good enough to be the best player in the world. We have all seen what he can do with his A game. If he could control his tantrums a bit more, we might see that A game more often.

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