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Your humble editor, John Duval
Your humble editor, John Duval

Good morning everyone! I just wanted to stop by and let everybody know what is going on here at intothegrain.com these days. As you may or may not know, intothegrain.com is not a full time gig for me, so I must try to balance my time between my day job as a System Administrator for a large company (www.mascocs.com), my blogs (www.intothegrain.com and www.TennisWRX.com), my photo business (www.your-snapshot.com), and my personal life. Whew!

TennisWRX was just recently launched, so please take a minute to stop by and take a look if you are a tennis fan. You can also follow @TennisWRX on Twitter! It has the same look and fell as intothegrain.com and this is by design. For one, I like the theme of the page because it’s simple and easy to read. I don’t feel the need to overwhelm people with too many graphics or advertisements. It also makes upgrades and maintenance easier for both sites. I’m working on a few racket reviews, and with a little help I’m going to try to post a few videos of drills and tips to help your game. I’m also lining up a few interviews with ATP and WTA players if they would be so kind as to give me some of their time.

Here at intothegrain.com, look for the first part in my Mental Game Minute series some time next week, and also look for reviews of two golf courses – Eagle Creek in Orlando and the World Golf Village in St. Augustine FL. I’ll be playing both this weekend, and visiting the Golf Hall of Fame along the way. Next week I’ll be traveling up to Kinderlou Forrest in Valdosta, GA and I’ll post a review of this fantastic Davis Love III design that stretches to 7781 yards!

Be sure to follow me on Twitter too! Like many, I was afraid of Twitter at first. I wondered what it was, how to use it and I thought it would be a huge waste of time, but I quickly realized that it’s a great way to keep in touch with friends, get the latest breaking news and it’s the best marketing tool on the web! Join me and the millions of golf fans on Twitter – @jfduval!

If you live in the Southeast, you are probably aware that Hurricane Bill is off the coast and churning up the waters. What does this mean for Florida? Epic surf! The waves in Daytona Beach are predicted to be in the eight to ten foot range on Saturday. This means that the pixboys will be out capturing the action in Ponce Inlet, just like we did last September during hurricane season. Check your-snapshot.com next week for the pictures of the fantastic surfing over the weekend!

Have a great Friday everyone, let me know how I’m doing by dropping me a line or leaving a comment below! A la Prochaine!

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