Steve Williams Hurls Racial Insult at Tiger Woods

Steve Williams Hurls Racist Insult at Tiger WoodsWe’ve known for some time now that Tiger Woods’ (apparently very bitter) former caddy Steve Williams is brash and opinionated. We all remember his TV interview after his new employer Adam Scott won the Bridgestone Invitational for his first win since being fired by Tiger. Now Steve Williams may become known for something far more damaging – Racism.

While on stage at a dinner at the HSBC Champions in Shanghai Steve Williams was asked to explain his infamous celebration comments after Scott’s win in Akron in August. Williams was accepting a sort of joke award from his fellow caddies for “celebration of the year”. Referring to Woods, he replied: “My aim was to shove it right up that black arsehole.” The insult left the audience of players, caddies and tournament sponsors speechless.

While the jab at Tiger’s race may not have been intended to be racial, it certainly sounds like it was, and Steve Williams and whoever is doing his PR will be spinning like crazy to come up with a way to defuse the situation. This is probably not the kind of press the golf world needs heading into the President’s Cup in Australia. Even if this was a promotional stunt like we see in the world of professional boxing, it would still be way over the line.

Just when you think things may have been settling down between Tiger and Williams, or progress had been made in restoring mutual respect, Stevie comes out with this remark. Stay tuned, because I’m sure we’ll all be talking about this for weeks to come…

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One thought on “Steve Williams Hurls Racial Insult at Tiger Woods

  • How quickly what appeared to be a great friendship deteriorates. It seems to me now, several months after these comments and on the back of comments regarding Hank’s upcoming book, both these guys need to shut up and do what they’re best at. Provides a lot of good copy but as you say I’m not sure golf needs this sort of publicity.


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