Cleveland HB3 Hybrid Irons – First Look

Cleveland HB3 Hybrid IronsCleveland Golf/Srixon has been hard at work coming up with an entire lineup of new clubs for 2010. In the line up are the already very popular CG15 Wedges and CG7 Black Pearl irons. Add to that the new Launcher DST Drivers and Fairway woods, the new CG1 Tour irons and Classic BRZ Putters and I have a feeling it will be a good year for Cleveland.

In the super game-improvement category, Cleveland looks to become a major factor with its new iron offering called the HB3 Hybrids. The third generation of their HiBore irons, they are lighter, faster and longer than any of Cleveland’s previous iron sets. They have aggressive internal weighting and a forgiving sole design as well as being a fully hybrid transitional set. Designed primarily for high handicap golfers, the HB3 Hybrids come equipped with Action Ultralight graphite shafts, which are 15 grams lighter and have a lower kickpoint than their predecessors.

The combination of ultra light shafts with a low kickpoint and the low CD of the HB3, these irons will hit the ball high and straight. The will start shipping to retailers on April 1, 2010 and carry an estimated price tag of $599 (Steel) and $699 (Graphite)

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4 thoughts on “Cleveland HB3 Hybrid Irons – First Look

  • $599 for a hybrid?! As Johnny Mcenroe would say, “YOU CANNOT BE SERIOUS!?” It does look like it could get the ball up and going long though. Either way, great article!

  • John Duval

    It’s a whole set of Hybrid irons, not just one. And yes, I’m sure they get it airborne pretty quick! I’ll post a review once I get a set in my hands.

  • I have a set of 2008 hibore and i love them and a driver by Cleveland
    Sometimes good sometimes bad with the driver but i’m working on it
    My set of club people are always trying to get them from me. They also
    love them.
    I intend to buy the HB3 very soon. Just from my use with the 2008, I
    know the HB3’s are going to be great . I’ll let you all know as soon
    as i try them . I already have to monster driver to go with them

  • Edd Holmes

    I have owned the first generation HB hybrids for a year, and love them. I have a sweeper swing, and these are perfect.
    They get the ball up and my distance has increased 5-15 yds. My accuracy would be better if I was consistent with alignment, but these clubs will hit it straight in the direction I’m pointing.
    My only complaint is the draw I hit with the 3 and 4. I can pretty much count on it, and sometimes I’ll draw other clubs 5-8. Really, the only problem is when I’m playing for the draw, and then hit it straight.
    I hardily endorse the HB hybrids. If you are looking for an easy to swing and easy to get airborne, and have a “driver” swing for all your clubs, you will love the hybrid set. Hit ’em long and hit ’em straight.

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