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Tiger Woods’ Return To Golf May Be Set

Tiger Woods Returning to Golf at Tavistock CupThe Orlando Sentinel is reporting that Tiger Woods may return to golf at the Tavistock Cup at his home course of Isleworth. Citing a source “who works for the Woods family,” TMZ.com reports that the virtually exiled Woods is making plans to tee it up next month at the Tavistock Cup. The Tavistock Cup is a made-for-TV shootout in a Ryder Cup style format between the posh Orlando clubs of Isleworth and Lake Nona. Both private communities are home to several of the worlds top golfers, pro athletes and entertainers, among others. The competition is set for March 22-23 and the Golf Channel will broadcast it live.

There has been much speculation about when Tiger Woods would return to professional golf, with reports of his return at the up coming Accenture World Match Play Championships being squashed by his long time caddy and close friend Steve Williams. His return for the Tavistock Cup makes perfect sense for Tiger, as the event is very private, with only a few hundred spectators and no admission for the general public. Instead, the event is attended by members and residents of the respective clubs along with a few special guests and sponsors.

Tavistock CupBeing that access is very limited, the tournament organizers will surely have control of what media outlets are allowed to cover the event, and who they have access to. Given that he hasn’t been seen in public since Thanksgiving of last year, the media has been frothing at the mouth for the time when Tiger would come out of his self-imposed exile and finally answer questions about his extra-marital affairs, the events of Thanksgiving night, the sex addiction clinic, etc.

The limited access for the public and media and the fact that the event is being played in his back yard are two compelling reasons why Tiger Woods may indeed make his return at the Tavistock Cup. One thing’s for sure, if it happens, the Golf Channel might possibly see it’s biggest ratings ever. That is, until Kelly Tilghman opens her mouth.

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