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Hall Of Fame Clubmaker Don White Joins Scratch Golf

Hall of Fame clubmaker Don White, who has made clubs by hand for clients like Jack Nicklaus, Arnold Palmer, Greg Norman, Jose Maria Olazabal and Ben Crenshaw, has joined Scratch Golf following the demise of his former employer MacGregor Golf. MacGregor was sold to Golfsmith, who plans to reintroduce the MacGregor name as its premium component brand. White was with MacGregor for 38 years, making clubs one at a time by hand. He was offered jobs from several other companies, but he chose Scratch Golf because he could continue making clubs by hand in small quantities. Word is that a top of the line handmade set if irons from Scratch will cost about $2500. Needless to say, these will be for the most serious amateurs and professionals.

Scratch Golf makes about 8 to 10 clubs per day, so that fit seems like a good one. Scratch Golf was founded by Ari Techner in 2003, and has quickly gained a cult following among tour players and amateurs for it’s butter soft wedges, forged from 1018 carbon steel, which is even softer than the 1025 steel more commonly used in forged clubs. Scratch is now headquartered in Chattanooga, Tennessee and recently signed tour player and former US Amateur winner Ryan Moore to a club contract.

I’m hoping to get my hands on a set of their wedges soon for a demo, and we’ll be sure to post a review when that happens. In the mean time if you are a serious player and know exactly what you want in a set of irons, contact Scratch Golf’s Tour department for a custom set of clubs that will be sure to turn heads!

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5 thoughts on “Hall Of Fame Clubmaker Don White Joins Scratch Golf

  • Don is the best club grinder in the world. No one else can carry his sand belts. There isn’t even a close second. I have a closet full of irons he ground for me when we were both working at Macgregor. I have stood beside the wheel many times with Don, marveling at his talent.

    Key word there is “stood”. Don doesn’t sit and grind, he stands. I am guessing that photo was staged to get Don and the wheel into the frame, HA!
    Don, you are the best!


  • First off i wanna say number 1 that i played scratch irons and they are not softest clubs out there,all the japan models are the same softness. number 2 why would anyone want a club thats too soft ,it takes away the crispness and the proper feel that all the pga gys look for. number 3 scratch makes u wait 3 months fr a set is absolutely a crime period.

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  • Michael Hughes

    I would like to contact an old friend from my days in Winnipeg in the 1950’s by the name of Don White. I believe he and his sons were, are ,members of your club. If you are able please provide me with a phone number where I could contact Donnie.
    Many Thanks, Michael

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