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Is It Time For Tiger To Come Out Of Hiding?

Annie Leibovitz/Vanity Fair

Oh, it seemed like so long ago when Tiger Woods crashed his SUV into a tree on Thanksgiving weekend. Do you remember where you were when you heard the news? OK, so it wasn’t a life changing event – at least not for most people. But for Tiger and what’s left of his family, it may well go down as the turning point in his life. We don’t know yet if that turn is for better or worst. Some people hope he falls from his place atop the sporting world, and others are ready to help him back up on his pedestal.

Many media outlets have used the story as a way to get rich, and the timing of the cover shot for the latest issue of Vanity Fair magazine is no exception. The image portrays Tiger in a way we’ve never seen him, as kind of a bad boy. If the timing of the photo appearing was a coincidence, I might accept it, but the fact that the pictures were actually taken back in 2006 and only now have surfaced tells me that Vanity Fair is shamelessly trying to cash in on the story. It seems to be working, because this picture is everywhere.

Tiger meanwhile, is reportedly staying with Cablevision boss Jim Dolan at his mansion on Long Island, NY, where he has been visiting regularly with a therapist who comes to the home to consult with Tiger. There were also reports last month that Tiger was in the Bahamas on his private yacht, and has been flying around on Dolan’s and Nike’s jets to go to and from various places without attracting attention. Indeed, he’s done the best job of hiding from everyone since Osama Bin Laden faded into the mountains of Pakistan.

Is it time for Tiger to come out? Some say he should just come out and talk with the media and get it over with, that dragging this out over months and months will only continue to hurt him. It seems like everyone has advice for the guy, even if we don’t know him or the situation he’s in. Brit Hume from false… I mean Fox News had the balls to suggest Tiger turn to Christianity to fix all his problems. And I thought Glen Beck was an idiot…

No matter what Tiger does and what happens to his marriage and golf career, it’s not only a scary time for him, but for golf. The PGA Tour needs Tiger winning majors and attracting sponsors. For the first time in his career in the public eye, Tiger seems scared and unprepared. If we compare what he’s been through to the culture of criminality in pro sports these days, it seems trivial. Yeah, Tiger cheated on his wife and got caught – so did Bill Clinton. At least he didn’t rape a women as Kobe Bryant was accused of doing, or beat his wife like Kirby Puckett, or fight dogs like Mike Vick, or commit a felony like countless other athletes. Tiger won’t go to jail, but the media have created a jail of sorts for him now. Let’s just hope it’s a short sentence.

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