And The Winner of the CG15 Wedge Giveaway is…

Steven Guiette, come on down! You are the winner of the Cleveland CG15 Wedge giveaway!!

Steven took up the game later in life and looked forward to playing golf with his Father, but never could because his Father was battling cancer. After a bone marrow transfusion he is in remission, and Steven finally has hope of playing with Dad…

Thanks to everyone for entering, and stay tuned on Monday for the announcement of the next free equipment contest!

2 thoughts on “And The Winner of the CG15 Wedge Giveaway is…

  • I demand a recount!! 🙂 j/k, Congrats Steve!! Happy new Year

  • Steve Guiette

    Thanks to the entire staff, i look forward to the round with my dad, hopefully many more. Thanks once again

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