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Tiger Woods Wins PGA Tour Player of The Year

Perhaps ironically, last week Tiger Woods was voted the PGA Tour player of the year. It’s the 10th time in his 13 years on tour that he has won the award. As it turns out, the “player” of the year award was given to him for his accomplishments on the golf course, not between the sheets. OK, bad joke.

His season started with questions as to when he would return from knee surgery, and it finishes with questions as to when he will return – period. The gossip media is desperately trying to link Tiger with a Canadian doctor named Anthony Galea that is in trouble for his usage of human growth hormone (which is not illegal in Canada) and a substance called Actovegin, which is banned by the World Anti-Doping Agency because it is a potential blood-boosting agent. It seems Tiger consulted with the good doctor when recovering from the aforementioned knee surgery. If there is a link between the two, and it is discovered that Tiger took HGH to speed his recovery as some are speculating, we could become witness to one of the biggest falls from grace ever for an athlete. Personally, I don’t think he will be linked to Dr. Galea that way.

We are all very familiar now with Tiger’s off course activities in 2009, which seem now to have diminished his on-course accomplishments. He won six tournaments, the FedEx Cup and the $10 million bonus that comes with it, won the money title for the ninth time in his career (over $10.5 million), and had the lowest scoring average on tour for the ninth time. Nobody else on the PGA Tour won more than three times. Tiger also swept all the rest of the major PGA Tour honors – Byron Nelson Award for the lowest adjusted scoring average (68.05), Arnold Palmer Award for the money title and Jack Nicklaus Award for player of the year. Of course, the one small dent in his 2009 golf resume is that he didn’t win a major.

Tiger was said to have left to the Bahamas aboard his yacht named “Privacy”. It’s a good name, since that would seem to be the only place he’ll get any. Privacy, that is.

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