Cleveland 588 RTX Wedges – First Look

Cleveland 588 WedgesCleveland Golf has been a leader in wedges for a long time. While the basic design of a wedge has remained more or less the same since Gene Sarazen invented the modern sand wedge, many new technologies have hit the market to help players get the most out of their wedges. CNC milling is one of those innovations that allowed manufacturers to make deeper and sharper grooves, and eventually led to the USGA’s adoption of a new groove rule to combat the technology.

Cleveland 588 RTX

Now there is a new version of the timeless Cleveland 588 wedges, with a few technologies that will help players spin the ball. This new wedge is called the 588 RTX, and features their new Rotex Face. Not only have they increased the groove volume by 16%, but they have made their laser milling marks more durable, and added a directionally milled face pattern that adds roughness and imparts maximum spin on open-face wedge shots where impact tends to be closer to the toe.

I have hit a number of balls with the new wedges and my initial impressions are good. The Rotex face certainly does produce more spin initially than a wedge who’s grooves are simply stamped into the face. The feel is the same classic Cleveland 588 feel as always; Solid impact and a mid-soft feel. The sole grind has been modified a bit from last year’s model to allow the wedge to perform better with an open face.

Cleveland 588 RTGLong term testing will probably reinforce my initial feelings, that this is just another solid, playable and reliable wedge from Cleveland Golf. There are no less than 7 models to choose from in the 588 line. There are satin and black pearl finishes available, blade or cavity back styles, forged or cast heads, a special RTG grind and even the option to create your own custom wedge at http://www.clevelandgolf.com/mycustomwedge/ All told, there are well over 100 different head, finish, loft, bounce and grind options available.

We’ll have a more detailed look at the 588 wedges soon. In the mean time, check them out at your local retailer or online at Cleveland Golf.

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