Honma Fitting Experience at Orlando’s Reunion Resort

Orlando is a great place for golf, with great weather year-round and plenty of great courses to choose from. The central florida region has everything from inexpensive public courses to high-end resorts and ultra-private country clubs. Many of the world’s best professional golfers also make central Florida home, which has had a ripple effect by attracting many aspiring young players to the area, along with several big-name teaching pros like David Leadbetter, Brad Brewer, Mike Bender, Brain Mogg, Sean Foley, Gary Gilchrist and others.

With such a wealth of great courses, good players and top notch instruction, it also makes sense that some of the best club fitters would be hanging around the Orlando area.

Fitting has become much more popular in recent years due to the advancement of launch monitor technology, adjustability of golf clubs and the relative lack of technological innovation because of the USGA limits for golf club performance. To get the most out of that fancy new driver, it’s very important to get fitted for the right shaft and club head for your swing.

Honma Golf: Japanese Artistry & Precision

Since 1959, the Honma name and logo have been synonymous with quality, performance and legendary craftsmanship. These days technology seems to be a top priority for many golf club manufacturers, but few companies are able to deliver innovative technology while still making a beautiful looking golf club like Honma can.

Honma is perhaps best known for their opulent BERES models with ranks from 2-star to 5-star, which denotes the level of “bling” built into the club and the experience level of the master takumi (Japanese for artisan) that build the clubs by hand in Sakata, Japan for each buyer. The 5-star Beres woods and irons have features like 24-karat gold accents, gold flake in the shaft’s paint and platinum ferrule rings. The Honma Beres 5-star driver retails for $4500 and complete sets with hand-stitched ostrich bag retail for as much as $70,000.

Club Fitting The Honma Way

It’s one thing to put your game in the hands of a guy that works at a big box retail store, but if you are going to invest time and money into a new set of clubs from a company like Honma, why not put your trust in someone that knows the equipment and the golf swing better than most?

This is why Honma Golf has invested in the US market by opening several new fitting centers located in world-class destinations to provide expert, one-on-one fittings for their clubs. One such fitting center is located at the fantastic Reunion Resort near Disney World and just outside Orlando.

Reunion Resort is the only golf facility in the world with courses designed by Tom Watson, Arnold Palmer and Jack Nicklaus. The Honma Fitting Experience takes place in a private, secluded indoor/outdoor setting at the back of the range using high-tech Foresight GC Quad launch monitors under the watchful eye of PGA Professional Dick Smith, Jr.

The fitting center has the entire range of Honma drivers, fairways, hybrids, irons and wedges along with a full matrix of proprietary and custom third-party shafts available. In other words, every possible head & shaft combination is available to you at the Honma Fitting Experience.

Honma has a rich history in golf, and they take full advantage of the opportunity to show off a bit at this beautiful facility with a showroom full of high-end limited release merchandise and a cool, nostalgic display of some memorable Honma clubs from yesteryear. No expense was spared in making your fitting for Honma clubs a worthwhile and enjoyable experience. Check out the video below and see for yourself!

Pricing & How to Book

The Honma fitting experience is on par with most other high-end fitters in the area. Driver fittings cost $150 and a full bag fitting is $350. Fees for fairway & hybrids, wedges or irons range from $100 to $200.

Interested in booking a fitting for yourself? It’s easy. Just visit this website and schedule your fitting online, or call (856) 237-4134

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