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Taylor Made (Japan) Burner Forged Irons

burnerforgedslideOne of my favorite golf websites out there is TourSpecGolf and the associated blog called GolfToImpress.com. I’ve always been a big fan of the Japanese market for golf since there is so much stuff that you can’t get in the States. The club companies have whole different line-ups over there, and while some models may eventually make it accross the ocean, most never see American soil. That is, unless you got to TourSpecGolf and buy them for yourself! My biggest annoyance with this is that the japanese market gets so many gorgeous clubs to choose from! The forgings that come from Japan are second to none. Go ahead and visit www.tourspecgolf.com and take a look for yourself!


The latest club to come out of Taylor Made Japan is the new Burner forged iron. These, like many japanese clubs, are beautiful and of very high quality. The have gone away from the undercut cavity and are shaped more like a traditional cavity back, and the graphics aren’t as flashy or colorful as the previous models – another characteristic I have noticed from Japanese clubs in general. The guys at GolfToImpress posted the pics. I highly recommend you head on over there and take a look. Here’s a sampling:

Taylor Made Japan Burner Forged irons
Taylor Made Japan Burner Forged irons

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