First Look: Swing Caddie SC200

Swing Caddie SC200 Korean company Voice Caddie has been shaking up the golf electronics market for several years, and their next product is sure to help continue that trend. The Swing Caddie SC200 is their second generation portable launch monitor and follows in the footsteps of the original SC100 model. The Swing Caddie SC200 works much like other launch monitors, using Doppler radar to track the flight of the golf ball after impact.

Obviously, there’s some trade-off between a $15,000+ trackman unit and this little device that sells for under $300. The much more expensive devices are able to track almost the entire flight of the golf ball and can provide more data like peak height, launch & descent angle, angle of attack, total dispersion between shots and much more.

The Swing Caddie SC200 measures variables like swing speed, carry distance, ball speed and smash factor. For golfers wanting to improve and get some basic information about their game, the SC200 will provide most of the information they’ll need. It’s a great training aid because you see the results in real-time. If you hit a few balls really solid you’ll see an increase in ball speeds and distance. Miss it a bit and those numbers will come down.

The reason most high-end club fitters use expensive launch monitors is that they provide the most information. While the Sc200 can be used for club fitting, to do the best job you’ll probably need a little more information. A good fitter may arrive at the same conclusions using the SC200, but it will probably take longer to get a club dialed in because you don’t get as much information from it compared to a more expensive model.

The Swing Caddie SC200 is a perfect tool for serious golfers looking for more information about their swing. It’s so compact that you can leave it in your golf bag for range sessions or even on course work. It uses a built-in barometric pressure sensor to calibrate itself automatically to your environment and speaks the distances to you over the speaker. You can store the stats for the last 100 shots taken and review them later, but it doesn’t connect to a smartphone or tablet to save the data for later or upload to the web.

The bottom line is this: If you want to get a taste of some cool launch monitor technology without taking out a second mortgage, the Swing Caddie SC200 should probably be your first stop. It will give you most of the important numbers you need, is very portable and easy to use, and it can be purchased for less than $300. Click the following affiliate link to get your own Swing Caddie SC200 for only $289.99. That’s cheaper than retailers and even Amazon!



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