First Look: Honma T//World 757 Collection

Honma has been one of our favorite brands for a while now. What’s not to like abut premium forged Japanese steel? While they aren’t the most well known brand in the USA, they are a market leader in Asia, and have been in the golf business for over 60 years. Honma’s Tour World (TW) collection are designed for Honma’s tour staff, low to mid handicap players and people that prefer a more traditional look and feel. The new TW 757 collection continues their legacy of amazing looking and performing clubs, and I can’t wait to get my hands on them and try them out. Without further delay, let’s let Honma’s marketing team fill you in on the new stuff with the press release below:

Honma Golf Announces New T//World TW757 Collection

Created in Honma’s renowned Sakata, Japan Design Studio, and paired with the hand-rolled VIZARD graphite shafts, the artfully designed TW757 line is set to make its way into the bags of Tour Professionals and aspiring players around the globe. 

“We are extremely excited to get the long-awaited T//World 757 line in the hands of golfers across North America,” says COO of Honma North America, Janeann Lanning. “It’s a handsome product line loaded with performance-improving characteristics. The use of carbon in these two new driver models helps produce exceptional speed that’s going to catch a lot of people’s attention. And the three new iron models — built for mid to low handicappers — perform brilliantly in their respective categories.” 

To learn more, visit https://us.honmagolf.com/collections/tworld.


GOLF’S FIRST CARBON SLOT: The TW757 Driver features a new, patent-pending “Carbon Slot” to activate and optimize the performance of the lower half of the face at impact. By using a thinner layer of titanium, which is supported by a lighter and more responsive carbon insert, TW757 Drivers deliver higher launch conditions and lower spin to maximize distance, while yielding the highest initial ball speed in Honma Golf’s history.


Coupled with the Carbon Slot, the TW757’s Carbon Crown further increases discretionary weight savings, enabling low-deep CG placement in tandem with a Keel Sole design first used in the Honma GS line, and now enhanced in the new TW757’s high MOI 6-4 Titanium body.

Honma engineers also added two thick and long crown ribs to maintain rigidity around the clubface in conjunction with Honma’s unique, variable thickness, vertical groove clubface to transfer energy more efficiently at impact to maximize ball-speed. As an added benefit, the carbon elements of the TW757 also help to optimize the sound and feel preferred by better players around the world, a hallmark of Honma T//World products.


The TW757 line is a custom fit dream, offering two distinctly different drivers, each specifically designed to cover a wide array of ball flight preferences. Both drivers come in 9° and 10.5° and are adjustable for loft (+/- 1°) and face-angle (+/- 1.5°) via Honma’s P-SAT Sleeve and torque wrench.

The modern 460CC D Driver has two weight-ports in the sole, one each in the back-heel and front-toe for “Directional Control.” Placing the 9gr. weight in the back-heel will create a higher launching draw-bias, and for players looking for a flatter and more fade-biased ball-flight, simply move the heavier 9gr. weight into the front-toe weight port.

The traditional pear-shaped 450CC S Driver also has two weight-ports strategically located in the front and back of the sole for “Spin and Stability.” Placing the heavier 9gr. weight to the rear of the head creates higher launch conditions and increased MOI, while moving the heavier weight forward, the additional mass behind the sweet-spot creates a flatter trajectory with lower spin for hot ball-flight.

Both D and S models come standard with 9gr. and 3gr. weights, however weights are also available in 6gr., 12gr. and 15gr.

P-SAT (Precision Spine Alignment Technology) Sleeve and Non-Rotational Hosel System

Proprietary to Honma, the P-SAT sleeve and hosel system allows Honma VIZARD shafts to keep the shaft’s spine, as well as shaft graphics and grip markings consistently aligned, while not sacrificing the ability to adjust the TW757 driver for both loft and face-angle to optimize ball-flight.

All graphite shafts naturally have a slightly harder side or “spine,” which is created during the manufacturing process; hence all shafts are not always created or perform equal.

As a result, all Vizard shafts are factory tested during the quality control process so that the spine can be isolated and correspondingly marked in the 6 o’clock position, which helps to mitigate downward shaft deflection through impact, leading to more consistent strike patterns.

Retail pricing for Honma’s new TW757 D and S drivers starts at $719 and varies based on customizations and shaft selection.

Honma TW 757 woods


Classically styled with a player approved compact footprint, the TW757 fairway woods and hybrids provide everything the player demands, and nothing they don’t.

All models feature a sole slot for higher launch and added speed and are built with an SUS630 stainless steel body paired with a 455-carpenter steel face. These premium materials also support a new Vertical Slot Face Insert to more effectively manage both centered and mishit shots alike.

In the lower lofted models, the TW757 3-Wood features a carbon crown to save weight and to generate higher launch conditions. While a cup face insert design in the 3-Wood and #3 Utility also helps increase initial ball speed to help players get home in two. 

Playable from a variety of lies, the TW757 Fairway Woods and Hybrids/Utilities are designed with progressive internal sole weighting to generate consistently long carry distances. As an added benefit, the Fairway Woods feature an adjustable sole weight to fine-tune swing weight.

Retail pricing for Honma’s new TW757 Fairways starts at $415 and varies based on customizations and shaft selection. TW757 Hybrids retail for $350 with custom shaft options available for a slight upcharge.

Honma TW757 Irons

IRONS: Three models of the tour driven TW757 irons meet the needs of the best players.

P Irons 

The multi-material TW757P Player’s Distance irons are designed for players in pursuit of consistent distance and added control, while still demanding the look and feel of a traditional iron only Honma’s experienced Takumi (Master Craftsmen) can deliver.

Inlaid 12gr. Tungsten sole weights along with an undercut pocket cavity creates a low-and-deep CG in a relatively compact iron, which generates high trajectory in conjunction with a modern spec loft package.

The steel body also houses a 6gr. toe-weight to precisely center the sweet-spot, and a 2.2mm thin L-cup face insert generates consistently fast ball speed across the face for the better player looking for added distance with a measure of forgiveness. Honma’s new P irons retail for $1,272 (5–PW) in NS950 NEO steel shafts and $1,392 with Vizard TW757 graphite shafts.

Vx Irons 

Forged from the softest premium S20C carbon steel, the TW757Vx Iron is a true players iron. The beautiful, tour-approved address profile in the one-piece cavity back forging features a 7gr. tungsten weight in the toe. The tungsten toe-weight serves to pull the CG towards the dead-center of the face (#4–#8 iron) for consistency throughout the bag. Optimal heel and toe weighting inside the cavity reduces energy loss on off-center hits, and generates high launch windows, with optimal spin and exquisite feel Honma T//World irons are known for. Honma’s new Vx irons retail for $1,272 (5–PW) in TW757 Modus Tour 105 steel shafts and $1,500 with Vizard TW757 IB-WF composite-material shafts.

B Irons 

The TW757B is Honma’s advanced next-gen muscle back blade design. Featuring a thin top-line in a traditional-shaped blade, ideal CG placement is achieved by inserting a 7gr. Tungsten weight and resin insert into a strategically placed port in the toe (#3–#7 iron). With additional material removed to lighten the heel to further optimize CG placement, the TW757B iron presents an ideal balance of performance and feel to let the best players in the world dictate their preferred trajectory and distance control. Honma Takumi have crafted the TW757 blades from the softest 8620 carbon steel for the ultimate in player feedback with tighter tolerances than any previous muscle back blades in the company’s history.

Honma’s new TW757 B irons retail for $1,272 with TW757 Dynamic Gold Steel shafts.


The exclusive VIZARD for 757 50 Shaft was holistically designed to synergize the TW757 Driver and Fairway Woods from grip to tip. The strong mid-section in conjunction with a sub 5.0° torque value stabilizes club delivery and maximizes energy transfer at impact, while a softer tip provides for high launch and optimal spin. This versatile shaft has a smooth feel and is playable for a wide variety of players looking for a premium ultra-lightweight shaft. As with all VIZARD shafts, this proprietary shaft is spine aligned at 6 o’clock for added stability and Made in Japan.

To complement the standard VIZARD for 757 50 Shaft, Honma produces some of the very best shafts in the world for players looking to take their game to the next level through Sakata’s world-renowned Custom Department. Produced in-house in Honma’s Sakata factory to the industry’s tightest tolerances, the VIZARD MA, MP, FZ and Platinum hold their own on professional tours around the world.

VIZARD MA is designed for High Trajectory and Mid Spin. Well suited for players who prefer a firmer handle or tend to have a descending attack angle or struggle to release the golf club, the VIZARD MA features Ni-Ti alloy for shape retention in the tip-section to allow for higher launch and easy release while still maintaining ample control. Offered in 40-, 50-, 60-, and 70-gram weight classes.

VIZARD MP is built for the player with a neutral delivery looking for a shaft offering High Launch and Low Spin in a smooth feeling shaft. This shaft’s slight draw bias is achieved by extensive layering of ultra-high strength TORAYCA® T1100G materials to provide stability and feel in this popular custom shaft. Offered in 40-, 50-, 60-, and 70-gram weight classes.

VIZARD FZ was born to accommodate the strongest swings on tour and is now available to players around the world. The rigid tip-section of the FZ shaft is created by layering the high-strength and elastic TORAYCA M40X carbon fiber material in the tip area. This shaft creates a mid-launch condition and very low spin. Offered in 50-, 60-, and 70-gram weight classes.

VIZARD PT (Platinum) is an exciting new concept in ultra-premium custom shafts that helps players maximize clubhead speed. This shaft contains ultra-elastic carbon TORAYCAM40X in the bias layer for added tip reinforcement, and the ultra-high strength and elastic TORAYCAT1100G in all layers. This unique shaft features a stiff tip and butt section with very low torque, paired with an active mid-section to help increase swing speed. Offered in 40-, 50-, and 60-gr. weight classes in a single uniflex profile targeted at players with current clubhead speeds of 82–116 mph.

About Honma Golf

Honma is a prestigious and iconic golf brand. Founded in 1959, the Company utilizes the latest innovative technologies and traditional Japanese craftsmanship to provide golfers across the globe with premium, high-tech, and top-performing golf clubs with state-of-the-art heads and proprietary shafts built by master artisans to perform together holistically. Renowned for creating the world’s highest quality and most beautiful clubs, Honma offers equipment (including balls, apparel, and accessories) to fit all golfers, with the families aligned to suit the preferences and abilities of various segments of golfers: the world-renowned “Ultra-Premium” BERES luxury line and the Tour-validated “Premium Performance” T//World TW757 and game improvement GS lines. The premium club manufacturer and lifestyle brand was founded inside a small Yokohama workshop six decades ago and now holistically designs all products in Sakata, Japan. Honma operates as the only company that handles every step from design to final production in-house to create the highest-quality golf products on the market today. Honma’s products are sold in approximately 50 countries worldwide, primarily in Asia and across North America, Europe, and other regions. To learn more, visit https://us.honmagolf.com

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