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Cure RX3Cure Putters was born in 2013 in Flagler Beach, Florida – Just up the road from where I live. The concept was simple. Make a putter that has high MOI, is adjustable for weight, lie angle and also has interchangeable shafts. Once designers Steve Davis and Jeff Ryan showed their putter to former PGA Tour Commissioner Deane Beman, he liked it so much he wanted to be a part of the company. Since their official introduction at the 2014 PGA Merchandise Show in Orlando the response has been overwhelming.

If professional tour usage is a measure of success for a club, the Cure Putter is doing very well indeed. Since its introduction a few years ago Cure Putters have gained a strong following on the PGA Tour Champions, LPGA Tour and PGA Tour.

Whats the Deal with MOI?

MOI stands for Moment of Inertia. MOI is a term used in physics to describe an object’s resistance to twisting. In this case the object in question is a putter. The higher the MOI, the less the putter will twist on off-center hits. Simply speaking, the higher the MOI, the more stable and forgiving a club will be. With putters that means a poorly struck putt will stay on line better with a high MOI putter.

Most blade style putters like the Ping Anser and Scotty Cameron Newport have an MOI of around 4000. One of the most popular high MOI putters on the market, the Taylor Made Daddy Long Legs mallet, has an MOI rating of about 8000. By comparison, the 2016 Cure RX5 has an MOI that can be adjusted (via interchangeable weights) from 8500 up to 18,000! Cure is the highest MOI putter on the market, and it’s not even close.

Cure Putter Goes in the Bag

Last summer I got the 2015 RX3f model putter and it rolled the ball so well that I put it in play just a few weeks before the WAGT National Championship in Shawnee on Delaware, Pennsylvania. Despite not making as many putts as I wanted, I rolled the ball beautifully all week. In fact, one of my competitors I played with on all 4 days of the tournament remarked after the final round that most putts I rolled that week had perfect speed and most of them had a chance to go in. That was my “A-HA!” moment with the Cure Putter. As a player all you can really ask for is for your putts that don’t go in to finish close to the hole, and it’s exactly what Cure is promising – More consistent speed and line on all your putts, even if it doesn’t go in. That’s what high MOI will do for your putting.

Low Loft, High CG

Most putters come standard with 3 or 4 degrees of loft these days. Cure’s RX series have half that with 1.5 degrees of loft. The reason it works is because Cure Putters have a high center of gravity (CG) and a deeper face than traditional putters. The deep face and high CG combine to impact the ball closer to the equator which eliminates backspin and produces a more consistent roll.

2016 RX Series

Cure RX6For 2016 the RX Series get some updates. The shapes have been streamlined, three of the four models have a flange and the silver alignment disks that a few models had in 2015 are gone. The RX1 and RX2 models are also gone. The RX3 is a more compact size, with a face that is 5.25″ wide. The RX4 model is slightly bigger with a 5.5″ face, and the RX5 and flange-less RX6 model have a 6″ face for the greatest forgiveness and MOI. All models have adjustable weighting and a full adjustable hosel to custom fit the lie angle. Interchangeable shafts allow golfers to switch between straight and offset shafts. Every RX Series putter is adjustable for lie angle from 62 to 80 degrees (most upright allowed by the rules of golf) and has 1.5 degrees of loft.

RX3 – The adjustable weighting system may be the feature that sets the Cure Putters apart from the competition. The RX3 is adjustable from 332 grams up to 586 grams. At over 500 grams this putter can be a sledge hammer, but you can hit it anywhere on the face and still make putts. The RX3 is the smallest putter in the RX series.

RX4 – The RX4 is the middle child in the RX series. The 5.5″ face is a little bigger than the RX3 but still looks more compact compared to the RX5 and RX6. The RX4 is adjustable for weight between 349 grams and 603 grams for an MOI range of 6900 to 14600.

RX5 – The Cure RX5 is the biggest putter Cure makes with a flange. With a full 6″ wide face and adjustable weights from 361 grams to 615 grams with the extended weight kit, this putter is also the most resistant to twisting model Cure makes. At a weight of 615 grams, the MOI rating is 18000, which is the highest in golf.

RX6 – The Cure RX6 is similar to the other models in being adjustable for lie and weight, plus having the ability to change shafts. Unlike the other models however, the RX6 has zero degrees of loft, no flange and is available in 5 different colors.

2016 CX Series

Cure CX1Known as the Classic Series, the CX1 and CX2 putters from Cure have more traditional shapes while still offering high MOI and weight adjustability. The CX Series measure 5″ wide and have 2.5 degrees of loft. Weights range from 334 to 376 grams for the CX1 and 342 to 384 grams for the CX2. Both models have a spiral milled face and a 70° lie angle.

If the RX Series are too big or look too unconventional for you, but you still want high MOI with the design advantages of a Cure Putter, then the Classic Series may be the best option for you.

Availability & Pricing

Cure Putters are available at all major golf retailers and online directly from www.cureputters.com. Prices range from $229 for the RX6, $259 for the RX3,4 & 5 and $299 for the Classic Series putters.


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