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DiverIt is estimated that golfers lose about 300 million golf balls per year in the United States alone. That’s a lot of cash sitting at the bottom of a lake! So tell me, why are you paying full retail price for golf balls? Professional golfers on the PGA Tour will use between 5 and 9 golf balls per round on average. That’s fine for them because they get their balls free. The average weekend golfer may also use several golf balls per round, but that’s usually because they get lost in the trees or water!

Lostgolfballs.com finds those golf balls, cleans them up and sells them back to you at a deep discount. They have been doing it for over twenty years, and they are the best at it. Golf is hard, and let’s be honest – Most golfers suck at it. Company founder Gary Krueger knows this better than most. He played on the PGA Tour. Think I’m exaggerating? Lostgolfballs.com recovered, recycled and sold over 43 million golf balls in 2015. That accounts for 6% of all golf balls sold worldwide! Since the company started they’ve processed and sold close to 530 million golf balls. That’s million, with a capital M.

The Recovery Process

As the company likes to say, every golf ball is used once it has been hit. Lostgolfballs.com uses a proprietary and environmentally friendly cleaning system that washes every golf ball without damaging its original condition. Once they have been cleaned and sorted by brand and model, the golf balls are given a rating from A to AAAAA. Golf balls rated AAAAA (5A) are in almost new condition and show hardly any signs of wear, if at all. The most common difference between a 5A rated used ball and a new ball will be some ink left over from the previous owner’s personal markings that the cleaning process wasn’t able to fully remove. AAAA (4A) golf balls will show minor signs of wear, similar to a golf ball that has been played for a few holes, but with no drop in performance.

Why Buy Used?

In a word? Cost! Lostgolfballs.com sells their 5A rated golf balls at almost 50% off the retail price, and in some cases more than 50% off. AAAA (4A) and AAA (3A) rated balls are even less. Taking the most popular golf ball as an example – The Titleist Pro V1 and V1x golf balls retail new for $47.99 per dozen. At lostgolfballs.com, the cost for a dozen is $26.99 (5A), $21.99 (4A) and $14.99 (3A). Furthermore, you can buy in bulk. Titleist Pro V1 buckets of 50 or 100 (5A quality) are available for $111.99 and $223.99, respectively. When buying brand new, you pay $4 per golf ball. When buying used, 5A quality balls you pay about $2.25 each. If you choose 4A rated balls you’ll pay $1.83 each.

Does A Used Ball Perform Like New?

When it comes to golf balls, they don’t make ’em like they used to, and that’s a great thing for us! Golf balls are no longer constructed with liquid cores and rubber windings, and as a result they are far more consistent and durable than they have ever been. It’s not uncommon for golfers to play multiple rounds with the same golf ball. Personally, I’ve played 54 holes with one ball before, and after a quick cleaning by hand it still resembled one of lostgolfballs.com’s 4A rated balls.

To help consumers understand that used golf balls perform just as well as new ones, lostgolfballs.com did some testing at an independent research facility to compare used balls they sell with brand new versions of the same balls. Given the variables in testing and statistical margin for error, the data showed that the difference between the used balls and new balls was almost negligible. In some cases the used balls even flew further than the new ones!

To Summarize…

  • Lostgolfballs.com’s recycled golf balls fly just as far and spin just as much as their new versions.
  • Used golf balls are much cheaper than new balls, and in some cases over 50% cheaper.
  • AAAAA (5A) rated golf balls are almost like new and show little (if any) signs of wear.
  • Every major brand and model is available – Titleist, Callaway, Taylor Made, Srixon, Bridgestone, Nike and more
  • Free shipping on orders over $100

Give lostgolfballs.com a try if you are in the market for golf balls, and I know you are. I think you’ll be impressed at the quality of golf balls you get, and you’ll get a lot more for your money too. Once you’ve played a few holes with them you’ll realize you’ve been wasting money all these years, and you’ll never buy new golf balls again.

7 thoughts on “Lostgolfballs.com – Never Buy New Golf Balls Again

  • Haha, Who knew such sites exist? Thanks for recommending it. Honestly much better to use used golf balls than buy newer ones. Less hassle and cost effective!

  • Hitting The Golf Ball

    Interesting site indeed. Very useful for beginners who tend to lose golf balls. Thanks for sharing.

  • Jason Smith

    Wow! such a amazing work by Gary Krueger.Thanks for sharing

  • This is great, used golf balls are the way to go, i have buying my balls at californiagolfballs, great savings!

  • Golf balls do cost an absolute fortune, don’t they? At least for premium balls. for me, I often end up choosing between a used premium ball and a lower cost option.
    I don’t use lake balls so much because i thought (wrongly it seems) that the water affected their quality. Looks like i should give them a try!

  • Katie Dillman (@katie_goodlinks)

    This is great John, moving this up on the list of Fathers Day ideas for next week, my Dad loves a deal!

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