Adams Golf Is Giving Golfers 1,000,000 Extra Yards

adams_easymillionYes, you read that right. No, it’s not all for you. Adams Golf has introduced “Easy Million,” a unique and fun experiential marketing campaign that is designed to encourage golfers to visit golf stores, demo days and corporate events to gain a cumulative total of 1,000,000 yards of added distance with the company’s new line of SUPER clubs.

“With our new SUPER clubs – the drivers, fairway woods, hybrids and irons – our goal is to give golfers 1,000,000 yards of additional distance versus their current clubs,” said Scott Blevins, Adams Golf senior vice president of sales and marketing. “We want golfers to compare our new SUPER lineup of products to their current clubs – and using social media, ratings and reviews tell the world how much distance they gained … whether it’s 10 yards, 45 yards or 105 yards, like we’ve already seen.”

Adams Golf - Easy Million HatOnce the golfer goes through the “Easy Million” experience and has their total yardage gained, they can immediately submit that number to the running total at www.onemillionyards.com by using their mobile phone  or on any tablet device, laptop or desktop computer. After adding their total number the golfer will be prompted to write a product review about the SUPER clubs that they used. Once the review has been submitted they will then get their own Adams Golf tour-issued hat, with their unique yardage number embroidered on the side, shipped to their home or office.

“We know that golfers have a lot of options in the marketplace now and by just testing our new SUPER clubs and writing a product review we want to give back to them with a free gift, the same hat that our Tour pros will be wearing with their own number on the side,” added Blevins. “We’re looking forward to thousands of golfers contributing to our march towards 1,000,000 yards of extra distance.”

Visit onemillionyards.com for more information about “Easy Million”.

For more information about Adams Golf, please visit www.adamsgolf.com or shop.adamsgolf.com.

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