Tour Edge Launches New Exotics EX9 Drivers

Exotics EX9 driversTour Edge Golf is one of those club companies that tends to fly under the radar, but really shouldn’t. Their Exotics brand has been one of the best fairway woods in golf for years, and they have a strong following on tour even if they don’t pay anyone to endorse their stuff. My Exotics E8 Tour 3-wood is the best I’ve hit in years, and found a spot in my bag after just a few swings on the range.

Tour Edge continues to innovate and push the envelope with their Exotics branded clubs, and because they don’t spend millions in marketing and TV advertising, they can devote more resources to R&D. That’s one of the reasons why their clubs frequently outperform their competition. The new Exotics EX9 drivers should be no exception.

There will be two new models available when this driver starts shipping on November 15 – The EX9 and EX9 Tour. The EX9 driver has a 460cc draw-enhancing club head available in 10° and 12° designed to deliver forgiving, high-flying drives. The Tour model is a pear-shaped, 430cc head with a deeper face (in 9° and 10° lofts) to deliver low-spin and faster ball speeds. Both models feature an adjustable hosel to help fitting and alter ball flight with eight different settings including the ability to add or subtract loft.

“On the new EX9 models we moved the center of gravity much deeper in the head for super high MOI numbers,” said David Glod, president and founder of Tour Edge Golf. “This translates into our lowest spinning drivers to date and a greatly increased sweet zone for longer drives from all areas on the face.”

Exotics EX9 driver faceSeveral technological features like Full-Speed Impact design help create more club head sped by sloping the crown of the club to reduce drag.  The narrow slot behind the face called the power grid allows the club face to flex on impact for more ball speed and added forgiveness. Also adding a another degree of customization is the interchangeable sole weight. The weight port is located in the heel on the EX9 for draw enhancement while the EX9 Tour driver has the post in the extreme rear of the club for spin and trajectory changes. 3, 9 and 11 gram weights are available separately.

Suggested retail:

  • $299 for the EX9
  • $399 for the EX9 Tour

Shaft offerings:

  • EX9 − Mitsubishi Bassara E-Series, Fujikura Exotics PRO and PRO Tour, Matrix Exotics White, Red, and Black Tie
  • EX9 Tour − Aldila Rogue Silver 60 and 70, Mitsubishi Diamana S+, M+, and D+

Every Tour Edge club comes with a lifetime warranty and a 30-day play guarantee. For more information, call (800) 515- 3343 or visit www.touredge.com.

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