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Tiger Woods Divorce About To Happen

Tiger Woods and Elin NordegrenAccording to various tabloid sources, the divorce we all knew had to happen is close to actually happening. The London Sun is reporting that Elin Nordegren will benefit from the richest celebrity divorce settlement ever, netting at least $750 million.

As part of the agreement, Tiger Woods will keep his future girlfriends away from the kids, and in return Elin Nordegren can’t speak out publicly over her former husband’s reported affairs, The Sun says. In other words, she can’t write a book or go on Oprah to talk about Tiger’s extramarital affairs.

According to the report, Divorce papers will be signed in Orlando next week. Nordegren will get sole physical custody of the kids – Sam (3), and Charlie (1). They will however split legal custody. Tiger will keep his estate on Jupiter Island, while Elin will get the home at Isleworth in Windermere, where this whole debacle started last year. Nordegren also reportedly purchased a home in Sweden with her sister early this year.

Tiger’s personal issues have been reflected in his golf game, as is often the case with this game. Golf is one of those sports where a clear and composed mind is essential to high performance. The more distractions you have, the harder it is to focus on playing championship golf.

This is all rumor and speculation of course, but with tabloid reporters monitoring the Orange County clerk’s public records, as soon as the papers are filed we will know!

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