TaylorMade Introduces The Burner SuperFast Driver

TaylorMade golf has been hard at work in their labs developing yet another driver to help golfers hit the ball further. The Burner name has been around since TaylorMade has been making metal clubs, and the Burner has been a very popular driver both on the professional tours and at the local muni. For 2010, TaylorMade is introducing the latest and greatest version of the Burner, named SuperFast.

The new Burner SuperFast driver is not only lighter than the previous Burner by 14 grams, it’s also longer. the Superfast now comes standard with a Matrix Ozik XCon 4.8 that measures 46.5 inches long. Remember your grandpa’s wooden driver with a steel shaft? That was 43″ long. The modern standard for drivers in at 45 inches, but TaylorMade is pushing the envelope with a driver at 46.5. The longer the shaft, the faster the club swings and the more distance you can create. There is a point of diminishing returns of course – the longer the shaft the heavier it gets, and the harder it is to swing fast. TaylorMade is counteracting this basic physics problem by installing the sub 50gram Matrix XCon 4.8 and a lightweight 30 gram grip.

The new SuperFast sports a sleek and aerodynamic head shape, allowing it to fly through the air faster. The face area of the club is also the largest that TaylorMade Golf has ever produced, making forgiveness and gall speed easier to attain. With a 46.5 inch shaft, you’ll need that forgiveness to hit it solid. This driver is squarely aimed at amateur golfers seeking more distance. Period. Will it live up to it’s claims? We’ll see! Once we have a review unit available we’ll put it through it’s paces!

The TaylorMade Burner SuperFast driver will be available in three lofts – 9.5, 10.5 and High trajectory. The MSRP will be around $299, making it a cheaper option to the new R9 SuperTri at $399.

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One thought on “TaylorMade Introduces The Burner SuperFast Driver

  • Over the weekend I hit the Burner Superfast at a demo day. It greatly exceeded my expectations. The combination of head, shaft and grip is a club that you can feel where the head is through out the entire swing. I had no trouble getting it back to square.

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