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Scotty Cameron California Series Putters

cameron-california-putters1-300x261Scotty Cameron’s putters have been a prized addition to tour players’ bags for years, and his putters are credited with many tournament wins and major championships. Tiger woods has used the same Scotty Cameron putter for most of his major tournament wins. If you spend a few minutes searching on eBay for Scotty Cameron, you’ll find an amazing variety of putters, headcovers and other items from $10 all the way up to over $1000 for some of the more unique hand made putters. There is an entire market dedicated to Scotty Cameron putters, and tapping into the huge buyer base is easy if you have a hot putter and an eBay account. I sold my one of a kind, handmade Scotty with a welded neck that was built in 1997 for PGA Tour player Grant Waite for a number that still blows my mind today.

Scotty’s fans are able to stay up to speed from his website and various other internet clubs that keep track of what’s going on at the putter studio. His latest designs are taken from some older classic designs and were given a refresh and a new finish that Scotty calls Honey Dipped, which gives the putter a soft gold color. There are 4 new models – the Coronado, the Del Mar, the Monterey and Sonoma. Have a look at the video below, and you’ll realize that even though these putters look simple and very much like the older models, a lot of subtle changes have gone into them to produce the new California Series. I can’t wait to try them out! Enjoy the video.

Video courtesy of Golf.com

2 thoughts on “Scotty Cameron California Series Putters

  • timothy lahmann

    i have just bought the grant waite putter you mentioned in your article. how cool is that?

  • John Duval

    Interesting! Can you send me a picture and I can confirm if it was indeed mine or not? It was a Sonoma head with a welded metal double bend neck and it had the initials G.W. on the face, and “Staff ’97” on the back of the head…

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