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Players Golf TournamentsSometimes as golfers we get a little burnt out and bored. You play the same golf courses all the time with the same people, and your enjoyment of the game suffers.If only there was a way to spice things up a bit, to play different courses and meet new people. Well, if you like in Central Florida, there is. It’s called Players Golf Tournaments, and it’s run by a friend of mine who’s mission is to make the game fun, competitive and rewarding.

Players Golf Tournaments is built on the philosophy that no tour can survive without the players, and therefore the first priority of the tournaments should be to serve the needs of each and every member at all times.  Some of the highlights of The Players Golf Tournaments reflect that philosophy:

  • Member costs will be kept down while offering more value to the competitors than other amateur tours.
  • Annual memberships will be very reasonable ($69/year), and renewals in future years even more so ($39).
  • Event costs will be lower, yet will include lunch at every event. Most tournaments will be in the $95 to $100  range.
  • Members will have options on how to redeem prizes so that winning on tour has the best value for each individual member.
  • The Tour will use each player’s accurately tracked handicap to insure fair competition at every event.
  • There are only three flights, which will still allow for any level of golfer to compete while allowing for larger payouts throughout the season.
  • Most importantly, the Tour will be responsive and customer service oriented. The PGT will never take you for granted and will answer all your inquires in a timely and straight forward manner.

The vast majority of golfers aren’t good enough to play at a competitive level, right? Wrong. On the PGT everyone has a chance to compete and win. With three flights and a unique scoring system, everyone has an equal chance every week. Flight one is for 0-7.9 handicaps. Flight two for 8-15.9, and Flight Three for 16-up. Tee boxes will be assigned based on three classifications within each flight: OPEN ( Men 54 and under ) SENIOR ( Men 55 and Up ) and Women . In some cases the tee boxes will be the same while other times they may be different. Each player will also be assigned a Course Handicap (CH) number based on their tour index and the tee box they will be playing from. The order of finish in each flight will be based on each player’s net score. Once players have participated in three Players Tournaments, they will have an official PGT Index and will be flighted based on this number at all future events. A player’s index will vary throughout the year based on his or her performance and will always be the best current reflection of their ability.

The PGT will award trophies for the winner in each flight and a certain percentage of players in each flight will share in the prize pool. Players winning prizes can choose between TGW.com gift cards, Tour Dollars towards future events and Visa Gift Cards. This varied approach allows the tour to present greater value to the players and still follow the rules of golf in regards to prize money. This way you aren’t stuck spending your winning at a specific retailer or website, but where you want.

I have played on various amateur tours in the past, and the biggest reason I enjoyed playing is to play great golf courses and meet new people. I have made some great friendships from these events, and that is worth every penny of the entry fees! The PGT kicks off in Orlando and Jacksonville the week of February 20th,  I think it will be a great season. I’ll be playing as many events in 2010 as my schedule allows!

To join the Players Golf Tour or get more information, Visit the tour’s website at http://www.playersgolftour.com, call or email:

Sean Steele
Tour Director

Players Golf Tournaments


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One thought on “Players Golf Tournaments – Tournament Golf For The Rest Of Us

  • Al Heckathorn

    My thanks to intothegrain.com for writing about the Players Golf Tour start up. This tour is everything I thought the Am Tour would be and is not. Finally a tour for the masses that has a TRUE, level playing field. Sean, if you happen to be reading this, I sure tried to spead the word at the Duel. Thanks again, Al

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