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Paula Creamer Wins with Bridgestone B330-RX

At Oakmont Country Club last weekend, LPGA superstar Paula Creamer teamed with Bridgestone GolfPaula Creamer Wins the US Open to capture the 2010 U.S. Women’s Open, her first career ‘major’– despite battling a sore thumb and a golf course that yielded only a single under-par scorecard. Paula’s victory was also the first major victory for Bridgestone’s B330-RX – a golf ball designed for Tour performance on and around the greens, yet optimized for moderate swing speeds off the tee for better distance and accuracy.

Creamer used a deft touch and laser-like iron approaches down the stretch on Sunday to secure the title in convincing fashion, besting her nearest competitor by four shots with a tournament total 281 (3-under par.  As a result of a rain-delayed second round, Creamer put her injured thumb through a rigorous endurance test, playing 23 holes on Sunday and a total of 52 holes over the weekend. For the week, Creamer hit an impressive 75% of fairways-in-regulation, ranking near the top of the field in that category.  Demonstrating the improved accuracy she’s gotten from the B330-RX, Paula managed 72% greens-in-regulation at Oakmont, which also put her in the top 10 of that category.

“Earlier this year we put Paula through an extensive ball-fitting,” said Dan Murphy, Vice President of Marketing – Bridgestone Golf, Inc.  “During the fitting we found that Paula’s 100 mph swing speed was producing excess driver spin with firmer golf balls.  Her swing was ideal for the softer new B330-RX.  She began testing it and absolutely fell in love with it.  Paula was a little disappointed that we didn’t have a pink B330-RX for her, but she was willing to give up on the color preference for what she felt was better greenside control and more distance off the tee.  We are really excited for Paula because we know how much this championship means to her.  Having the first major championship title for the B330-RX is incredible for our brand, as well. The ball has had a great reception at retail since we launched it in March and this win should help continue that momentum.”

Bridgestone Golf is now also teaming with Golfballs.com to offer a special late-summer quantity purchase deal on Bridgestone’s most popular balls. Through the promotion, exclusively available on the Golfballs.com web site beginning July 15, golfers may take advantage of a buy-three, get-one-free deal on one-dozen packages of Bridgestone’s popular “B” and “e” series.

The special includes Bridgestone’s 3-piece B330RXS, the softest multi-layer urethane series ball on the market and one designed for moderate-swing speed players. It also includes the Bridgestone e6, a soft multi-layer ball designed to reduce hooks and slices off the tee and deliver a straighter, longer and more accurate ball flight. The B330RXS and the e6 are Bridgestone’s two largest-selling balls.

“We’re very pleased to team with Bridgestone to offer a quantity deal to our customers,” said Golfballs.com president and CEO Tom Cox. “The Bridgestone lines are among our best-selling, and the ability to provide the ball best suited to each player’s swing speed and style makes this a great value.”

The entire “B” series, which also includes the B330, the B330S and Paula’s B330-RX, and the “e” series that also includes the e5 and e7 balls are all available through the promotion that runs through Aug. 31. Golfers who purchase three dozen of any of the seven ball types at the regular price will receive the fourth dozen free. There is a limit of one free dozen per customer. Complete details on the Bridgestone offer will be available at www.golfballs.com beginning Thursday, July 15.


From humble beginnings in a 100-square-foot room in a small-town warehouse, to its current state-of-the-art 20,000-square-foot facility, Golfballs.com has grown to become one of the world’s leaders in on-line golf ball and equipment sales. Co-Founder Tom Cox has served as president and CEO since its 1995 start-up, growing the business from $17,000 in first-year sales to a 40-employee company that has over $10 million in annual sales, and which has sold over 50 million golf balls direct to consumers in all 50 states and over 50 countries. Golfballs.com has an in-house production department and is an authorized internet retailer for key brands including Titleist, Callaway and Nike and has been an approved Titleist imprinter since 2003, creating a company-wide focus on the sale of customized and personalized golf equipment. The company opened its retail outlet store in 2004 and recently launched loyaltylogo.com, a full-service promotional product distributor catering to businesses.

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