Dawgs Golf Shoes Review

Dawgs Golf Spirit ShoesYou know those rubber shoes that everyone’s wearing? They are comfortable and light weight, and you can get them in all kinds of wacky colors. Alas, they don’t have very good traction for playing sports, especially golf. For a while I thought it would be great if someone came up with a golf version of these light and comfortable shoes. Finally someone did. They are called Dawgs, (www.dawgsgolf.com) and the shoe is called the Spirit. Dawgs doesn’t just make golf shoes. In fact, the company specializes in EVA footwear made for casual comfort, or working shoes for people who’s careers have them on their feet all day long. Many medical professionals and food service workers wear Dawgs for all day comfort and support. Being on your feet for 8 hours or more on a hard floor can really take a toll on your body, so it’s imperative to wear a comfortable pair of shoes.

Dawgs have taken their experience from designing shoes for commercial use and used it to come up with the world’s lightest golf shoe – The Golf Spirit!

Dawgs Golf Spirit ShoesAt less than 7 ounces per shoe (Men’s size 9 is under 7oz; Women’s size 7 is under 6oz), the Dawgs Golf Spirit is designed for golf in extreme comfort. While extremely light weight, the Golf Spirit shoe doesn’t seem to sacrifice weight for comfort. The shoes are made from high quality EVA (a.k.a. Closed Cell Resin) to absorb shock, protecting your heels and foot. The Golf Spirit shoe has 9 soft spikes embedded in rubber/EVA out soles for traction on the golf course. It’s important to note that the spikes are not replaceable, as they are part of the shoe. From the looks of them however, I would bet that they will probably last for the life of the shoe. The shoe also has a quick adjusting Velcro strap for a better fit, and ventilation holes all around to keep your feet cool.

I took my pair of black Dawgs Golf Spirit shoes to the practice range at LPGA International in Daytona Beach, FL to try them out. After a practice session, I hopped on to the course for 18 holes. The first thing I noticed about the Spirits was how light they are. I’m used to my heavy leather soled Ecco World Class GTX shoes, so putting these on for me is like wearing a slipper. The integrated spikes stick out quite a bit, and since these are so light and made of EVA, they tend to flex a lot making it slightly awkward on a hard surface like the parking lot. Once on the grass however, they feel very similar to many other lightweight golf shoes.

Dawgs Golf Spirit ShoesThe fit is snug and supportive, with plenty of padding in the heel area to absorb shock. At first it takes a little while to get used to the fact that you can feel the wind pass through the shoes as you walk. Because EVA is odor resistant, you don’t need to wear socks with these shoes. That’s a bonus for those of us who get shamed by friends for their hideous golfer tan lines! Traction during the swing was no problem at all, as the integrated spikes did their job, holding my feet in place. As expected from a shoe this light, there isn’t a tremendous amount of lateral support, but it was certainly enough for my golf swing. If you generate enough torque during your swing to spin out of your shoes, the shoes probably aren’t your problem anyway.

Living on Florida, we are in the unenviable position of dealing with all sorts of critters like scorpions, poisonous snakes and fire ants to name a few. Scorpions are rarely seen on a golf course, and no golf shoe in the world will protect you from an angry Eastern Diamondback Rattlesnake. However, fire ants are a big problem all over the Southern USA, and if you’ve ever had a run in with them you won’t be eager to repeat it. The Dawgs Golf Spirit shoes have ventilation holes all over them, and while they allow for ventilation, it also makes it very easy for fire ants to ruin your day very fast if you happen to be standing near them, so be careful where you step in these!

The Dawgs Golf Spirit shoes were comfortable and a joy to wear. In terms of fashion, it might be tricky to incorporate these with your high priced golf shirts and belts. But for anyone who just wants to swing out to the local muni and walk 18 holes with your family or golf buddies in cargo shorts, these are the ticket. On a hot day it’s nice to not have to wear socks. Heck, you can even step right into that water hazard to play your sliced tee shot without taking them off.

Dawgs Golf Spirit shoes come in sizes ranging from 8 to 17 (No half sizes) They seem to run a half size small, so for example if you normally wear a 10.5, make sure you get into a size 11. They also come in several colors like Black, Black/Tan, White/Black, Navy/Lime and a few others. They are also available for ladies and children. Priced at $50, these are cheaper than most golf shoes, and perfect for beginners or as a spare pair to leave in the car in case you forget your shoes. Again, because they are made of odor resistant EVA, they won’t stink up your trunk or fall apart in the heat of the car. If you order two or more pairs direct from their website, you’ll also get free shipping. If you are looking for an ultra-light and comfortable golf shoe, give these a try!

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