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Night Eagle Golf BallsLegendary Canadian golfer Moe Norman used to say he was the only player in the world that could play a tournament at night, because he hit the ball so straight there was never any need to see where it went. He knew where it was going – right down the middle, every time.

Unfortunately, you and I aren’t Moe Norman. Not even close. If I tried playing golf at night with a normal golf ball, I would probably never finish the round. It’s a good thing there’s a better way! I remember playing my first night golf event back in the 1990s, and the golf balls were terrible. It was a plastic sphere that you inserted a miniature glow stick into the middle of to make it glow in the dark, and they were awful. Fortunately the technology for night golf has advanced by leaps and bounds since then.

Our friends at Premier Glow have a better option – The Night Eagle CV LED golf ball. The Night Eagle CV LED golf ball activates by shining a strong light source, such as the light from your smartphone camera or a flashlight about half an inch from the printed circle on the ball. Upon sensing the light, the computer chip inside the golf ball will automatically turn on the LEDs. Once the LEDs are active, they will continue to emit light until another strong light is sensed. Unlike some other LED golf balls, there is no timer inside the Night Eagle LED golf ball. Once activated it will stay continuously lit until turned off. This makes it easier to find, as you don’t have to rush to get to it before the light turns off after the pre-determined timer expires. You could say the drawback is that if you leave it turned on by accident, the battery will eventually drain and you’ll have to replace the golf ball, but LEDs consume very little energy. In fact, the battery in the Night Eagle will last for about 30 hours of continuous use. Even your slow playing uncle Ed should get plenty of use out of the Night Eagle.

The Night Eagle LED golf ball sells for around $5 each, but if you buy in bulk you’ll save a few bucks. Premier Glow has 3 packs available and other volume discounts that can save you more. If you play golf in the afternoon and sometimes finish at dusk or are planning a night golf event, head over to premierglow.com for everything you’ll need! Check out the video below to see how they work:


2 thoughts on “Night Eagle Golf Balls

  • Gerard

    I bought 3. None of them work. Tried my phone, a flashlight, pitch black room semi dark…..they would not activate. Returning them

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