Nicklaus vs Snead: Revisited

Shell’s Wonderful World of Golf at Pebble Beach Golf Links, 1963

Recently published on the PGA Tour’s YouTube channel, this classic match between Jack Nicklaus and Sam Snead at Pebble Beach is a true gem. The original footage has been remastered in HD color, sending us back in time and feeling nostalgic.

What’s most striking about watching the broadcast are the course conditions. We’ve become so used to seeing the world’s best players play on courses that are immaculate with greens rolling fast and true, but the conditions at legendary Pebble Beach in 1963 would not even be acceptable for the local muni by modern standards.

Watching these two legends of the game on one of the most iconic courses in the game is a real treat, and gives me some perspective on how the game was played in the 60s.

How do you think you would do with the conditions and equipment they had in 1963?

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