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Upgrade your putting performance with the Stability Tour putter shaft from Breakthrough Golf Technology

It’s no secret that I have been a fan of industry titan Barney Adams and his newest venture Breakthrough Golf Technology (BGT) for a few years now. I first covered the company and their Stability Putter Shaft a few years ago, and they aren’t showing any signs of slowing down.

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BGT’s latest product is the Stability Tour putter shaft. Like the original Stability Tour shaft, it is a graphite & carbon fiber putter shaft designed to improve putter specific motion and performance. Compared to a standard steel putter shaft who’s technology has remained unchanged for over 50 years, the Stability and Stability Tour shafts have increased flexural rigidity, which greatly reduces torsional rotation.

English Please…

What are flexural rigidity and torsional rotation? In laymen’s terms, the Stability shafts are 25% stiffer and reduce torque by 50% compared to those old-fashioned steel shafts, without sacrificing feel. With a putter shaft that doesn’t twist or bend as much through the stroke, you will be able to return the putter to impact more consistently, which means your misses will be closer, and in the long run you’ll make more putts.

The Stability Tour shaft differs from the original Stability in several ways. In addition to the softer feel, it has a thinner profile, weighs more and is balanced more like a steel shaft. All these factors make it easier to transition from a steel shaft without changing the overall weight and balance of your putter, and that’s why tour players requested these features.

What Took So Long?

Why hasn’t putter shaft technology changed in so long? Most people buy putters without thinking about the shaft. We just assume it’s a standard putter shaft, right? Nothing to it! The answer is simple – Until recently, we didn’t have the technology to analyze putting performance, so we couldn’t really tell if changing shafts in your putter would make a measurable difference.

With the help of new technology like high-speed cameras, robots, SAM Putt Lab, Quintic Ball Roll software and Trackman 4, the Stability Shaft was exhaustively tested with hundreds of putters, rolling thousands of putts.

I have used the SAM Putt Lab before with other putters. It is an amazing tracking device that uses ultrasound and measures 28 parameters of the putting stroke down to a tenth of a degree. One thing is for sure, the data you get from a session on SAM is critical in understanding how a shaft like the BGT Stability and Stability Tour can help your putting.

Breakthrough Golf Technology claims you are 82% more likely to return the face square at impact with the Stability & Stability Tour shaft. Maybe that’s why 99% of golfers who play with the Stability prefer it over steel.

Real World Results

As with the original Stability shaft that I tested, the Stability Tour shaft produced instant results for me in the Bettinardi BB8 putter I installed it in. The first and perhaps most obvious difference is the feel. Dampening the vibration from impact is something that these shafts do way better than steel, which has the effect of deadening the sound and making your putter feel softer at impact.

It may be hard to notice with the naked eye and seem funny to talk about launch angles with a putter, but the Stability Tour shaft actually launches the ball a bit lower than a steel shaft. What this translates to when putting is a ball that skids less and starts rolling end over end faster. I would love to get this putter on a Quintic or SAM Putt Lab to get some hard data, and if/when that happens I’l be sure to update this post with my findings.

Price & Availability

The Stability and Stability Tour putter shafts are available through custom club fitters like Club Champion or direct from Breakthough Golf Technology’s online store.

Prices range from $199 for the original Stability Shaft to $249 for the Stability Tour. That price included shipping and installation by the professional staff at BGT’s state-of-the-art facility in Texas.

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