Breakthrough Golf Technology Instantly Made Me A Better Putter

Breakthrough Golf Technology (BGT) is a new golf company that makes putter shafts. Founder Barney Adams is a golf industry veteran and pioneer, bringing Adams Golf from nothing to become one of the major players in golf innovations in the 1990s & 2000s. Adams golf turned the industry on its head with the Tight Lies fairway woods and then changed golf forever by popularizing hybrids, making them a staple in amateur & touring pros’ golf bags around the world.

Mr. Adams left Adams Golf when Taylor Made Golf purchased the company in 2012 (and promptly killed the iconic brand through neglect) He started BGT a few years later in 2014, and we’re now able to see the fruits of his labor with the Stability putter shaft.

Breakthrough Golf technology - Stability Shaft

There are four parts to the Stability shaft that work together to improve putting performance. This “Advanced Materials Integration” uses advanced multi-material design combined with geometries never before used in putter shafts. The Stability shaft has the same look and weight as traditional steel putter shafts but feels more solid and stable. The Stability shaft delivers the face of the putter more square at impact for better accuracy. The shaft also produces a lower launch for more predictable roll, resulting in better distance control.

Real World Testing

I found my latest gamer putter – a Scotty Cameron Futura 5W – last winter after my last Scotty Cameron met its unfortunate end at the bottom of a lake at the Mines Golf & CC in Malaysia following one too many three-putt greens. Since then, I’ve been a one-putter man. It has been my gamer for over 8 months, which is pretty remarkable given my history of frequently changing putters.

I sent my Futura 5W off to Texas for BGT to work its magic, and I got the putter back in about 10 days from the day I sent it. My Scotty Cameron was now attached to the Stability shaft, and I started rolling putts in my living room with it the same day. Almost immediately I noticed the solid feel, free of unwanted vibrations. In fact, I never knew how much vibration you get from a putter until I tried this shaft. The difference to me was dramatic. Breakthrough Golf Technology claims that the Stability shaft launches the ball lower. I can’t confirm that claim without some fancy and expensive testing equipment, but I’ll take their word for it because the end result of lower launch is better roll, and this shaft seems to make the ball roll better coming off the face.

Another claim made by Breakthrough Golf Technology about the Stability shaft is improved accuracy because the putter face will be more square at impact. Again, without some fancy testing equipment like the SAM Putt Lab, I can’t verify those claims with raw data, but I can tell you that in the five rounds (90 holes) of golf I’ve played since getting the Stability shaft installed, I’ve made (Pardon my French) a shit-load of putts! What that translates to in numbers is 26 birdies in 90 holes, or a birdie percentage of about 34%. Obviously, I can’t attribute all those birdies to my putter alone, but it has been a great month for me on the greens.

Bottom Line

Confidence with the putter can be very fleeting for me, but maybe the Stability shaft is what I needed to get me over the hump and get my handicap back in the highly desirable plus range. Even when putting poorly I’m usually around the hole, but the added stability and consistency of Breakthrough Golf Technology’s Stability shaft might be the edge I needed to convert two or three more 10-footers per round.

The list price for the Stability shaft is $199.99 with free installation, and it’s worth every penny. People don’t hesitate to drop $400 or more on a new driver that they can only use 14 times per round, but balk at spending money on a putter. When it comes to improving the performance of the most-used club in everyone’s golf bag, every dollar is well spent. Just don’t tell my playing partners!

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