New Product Spotlight – Spotless Swing Golf Towel

Spotless Swing golf towelThe 2010 PGA Merchandise Show has come and gone, and every year we see hundreds of new products. Some stand the test of time and some fade away, never to be seen again. Walking the aisles of the Orange County Convention Center every year since 1996, I’ve come to realize that few products really capture my attention any more. However, there are some products that manage to peak my interest from time to time. The Spotless Swing golf towel is one of them.

Scott Salzman of BrightSpot Solutions is the inventor of the Spotless Swing golf towel. His first product – called the Spotless Paw – was an award winning dog paw cleaning glove. Using his experience and some innovative thinking, he designed the spotless swing towel to be two towels and club brush all in one, and the product does a pretty good job at it!Spotless Swing Golf Towel

Made of ultra absorbent microfiber and shaped like a bag, the inside of the towel can be used for cleaning clubs, while the outside of the towel can wipe your hands or face without getting them dirty. To aid in cleaning your clubs, the inside surface of the towel includes an area called MicroBrush fabric, which is rough and does a good job at getting into the grooves of the club to clean out dirt and grass. The MicroBrush fabric looks a bit like velcro and feels very similar. The rough MicroBrush fabric is not a separate patch simply stitched into the towel, but rather built in to the fabric, making it durable and very unlikely to fall apart. Anyone who’s messed with a metal brush attached to the bag knows that it gets tangled in your towels, pricks your fingers and can scratch your clubs if you aren’t careful. The Spotless Swing towel does away with all that, and doesn’t scratch your clubs in the process.

Spotless Swing Golf TowelThe $19.95 Spotless Swing golf towel is well built, featuring sturdy metal hooks and a heavy duty metal loop stitched into a fabric tab. The towel also has a second loop hole to be hung upside down if you choose (like from a stand bag) so you don’t have to bend down to clean off a club. This is a feature that no other towels on the market have. One other thing I like about this towel is also its only slight drawback. It’s not as big as a regular towel, so on a wet day the towel is likely to become waterlogged pretty fast and the surface area may not be quite enough to handle all the hand drying and club cleaning duties. That being said, I like that it doesn’t hang so far down that driving a golf cart will get it dirty from splashing puddles and water coming from the rear wheels, or from dragging on the ground,  if you are a dew sweeper with a stand bag.

Over all, this is a great new product that makes a lot of sense, performs up to its claims, offers a money back guarantee, and doesn’t cost an arm and a leg. I spoke to the inventor Scott Salzman at the PGA Show and the feedback they are getting is great so far. It’s available in red and black, but I suspect we’ll start seeing some other colors in the near future. This towel may not be the only towel I carry, but it will certainly have a place on my bag for cleaning clubs, as it does a fantastic job at that. Look for the Spotless Swing in golf stores near you, or purchase online at http://www.spotlessswing.com

Check out the product video below for more info:

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