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Lamkin Grips – Something For Everyone

You know the old saying. It goes something like this – “If you play X times a week, you should regrip your clubs X times a year.” While there is some logic to that, it’s mostly marketing talk from grip companies. How often you change grips depends on how often you play, where you live, how you grip the club and what kind of grips you use.

Some PGA Tour pros regrip their clubs every week, which is a nice perk since they don’t have to pay for it. By comparison, I know some recreational players that never regrip their clubs, because they end up getting new ones before the original grips wear out! Whatever your regripping habits are, there are more choices for golfers now than there has ever been.


When it comes to longevity, Lamkin can’t be beaten. The company started making golf grips in 1925 when founder Elver Lamkin started making leather grips in his garage. Coming up on 95 years of making grips, Lamkin has a worldwide presence and is a leading provider of grips to club manufacturers, tour players and recreational golfers.

The company is now led by a third-generation Lamkin – Elver’s grandson Bob. Having met and spoken to Bob Lamkin on several occasions, I can tell you that he’s one of the most friendly and approachable people in the golf industry. He has acquired a lifetime of knowledge but remains a great listener. It’s no surprise to me that Lamkin continues to be successful and make great new products under Bob Lamkin’s leadership.

Speaking of New Products

Since introducing several new grips this summer, Lamkin really does has a grip for just about everyone and every need. Here are some of the new and updated offerings available to consumers now:

TS1 – The new TS1 grips are made with a new compound Lamkin calls “genesis” and features fingerprint technology micro-textures for better feel and responsiveness. The TS1 also has a reduced taper shape that many players prefer to reduce grip tension. Available in standard and midsize.

Sonar Tour – One of Lamkin’s high-performance playability grips, the new Sonar Tour features fingerprint technology and a traditional taper design.

Sonar & Sonar Wrap – The original Sonar grips have been improved with fingerprint technology and the new Genesis material. This grip provides comfort and shock absorption in a softer feeling grip with a super tacky surface. Available in three sizes.

Comfort Plus – For those wanting an ultra-smooth and soft feel, the Comfort Plus grip is made of a proprietary rubber compound that is exceedingly soft yet very durable. The reduced taper design allows for lighter grip pressure.

Crossline 360 – The crossline is one of the most popular grips in golf and has been improved with an enhanced universal pattern and upgraded compound for a better feel and flexibility of installation.

Players Cord – Full cord grip with a less aggressive and smoother cord material than the popular crossline full cord. A red alignment aid helps with hand positioning. Available in standard and standard plus reduced taper profiles. The Players Cord is my current grip of choice. They have the perfect blend of feedback, firm feel and all-weather performance I’m looking for in my grips.

Sink Fit Putter Grips

Sink Fit Pistol – Ergonomic-inspired putter grip with a unique contoured shape and fingerprint technology. The classic pistol grip is hugely popular and encourages proper hand positioning. (130g)

Sink Fit Pistol Polyurethane – The same classic pistol shape as the Sink Fit Pistol, but made with lightweight polyurethane instead of rubber. The Sink Fit Pistol Polyurethane weighs only 63 grams.

Sink Fit Skinny Pistol – This rubber grip features a more traditional contoured shape with fingerprint technology for max responsiveness and feedback. The thinnest & smallest grip in the Sink Fit line. (70g)

Sink Fit Straight – With a parallel shape and subtle contour, the Sink Fit Straight is great for players that want a more pendulum style stroke. (114g)

Sink Fit Straight Polyurethane – The same parallel shape as the Sink Fit Straight but made with lightweight polyurethane for greater swing weight and different feel. (60g)

Go Get Some!

If you can’t remember the last time you gripped your clubs, it’s probably time to grip your clubs! Lamkin’s selection is diverse and they probably have a grip for you, so give them a try. Available direct from their website, online retailers like Amazon, in golf shops and big-box retailers everywhere.

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