6 Last Minute Christmas Gift Ideas

Christmas is only 10 days away, and if you are anything like me, you haven’t finished your holiday shopping yet! Time is running out, especially for internet shopping. With that in mind, here are a few ideas for the golfers on your gift list. Happy shopping!

  • New grips! Most golfers wait too long to change their grips, and their game suffers. Lamkin is one of the leaders in golf grips and have been doing it since 1925. Try the new Wrap-Tech or UTX grips. Lamkin’s pricing is awesome and they have many styles and materials to choose from. I’ve been using the iconic Lamkin Crossline Cord grips for years. You can’t go wrong with Lamkin grips.
  • Golf GPS – SkyGolf makes some of the best Golf GPS products on the market. In fact, the SkyCaddy TOUCH is probably the most full-featured and accurate GPS device on the market. Paired with your smart phone and the Sky Golf 360 app, you can get the latest updates to over 35,000 pre-loaded golf courses as well as tracking your scores and stats. I’ve used the SkyCaddy Touch for several months and it has been invaluable to me in tournament golf to get more data to help me plan my way around a course.
  • Socks! Kentwool makes the best golf socks. Period. Just try a pair and you’ll see. If I have to walk a golf course with a forty pound golf bag on my back, I want a good pair of shoes and some Kentwool socks to keep my feet happy. The Tour Profile sock is their best all around golf sock and they’ll make any golf shoe feel better. Combine these socks with some shoes from True Linkswear or Ecco and you have an unbeatable combination.

Kentwool Tour Profile Socks

  • World Amateur Golfers Tour membership – Does the golfer on your gift list want to be challenged? Make new friends? How about a chance to play for your country at a top golf resort, all expenses paid? If you answered yes to any of those questions, then perhaps a membership to the nearest local World Amateur Golfers Tour would be a great gift! Play against players of similar ability in handicapped events for points in the national order of merit and to have a chance to qualify for Team USA and represent your country at the World Championships. I just returned from the 2015 WAGC in Turkey and it was an experience I’ll never forget.

2015 WAGC in Antalya, Turkey

  • New Driver – When in doubt, you can always fall back on the old standby and get your golfer a new driver. It’s the most oft-changed club in a golfer’s bag and there are always shiny new models to try. One of the best new drivers of 2015 is the Knuth Golf High Heat driver. It has the lowest center of gravity in golf and produces straighter drives that go further on mishits (probably) than your current driver. Its inventor Dean Knuth also invented the USGA’s Slope Rating system for golf courses. Basically what I’m trying to say is, he’s way smarter than you and me. Try his driver. It’s very shiny and I think you’ll like it!
  • Another Putter – Seriously, how many putters do us golfers have? The answer is always “One too little!” At least in my case it is. I’m always looking for the BBD – Bigger better deal. Believe it or not, I think I found it. It’s called Cure Putters, and they are quickly becoming very popular. They may not win any beauty contests, but when it comes to rolling a golf ball they excel. The high-MOI design makes even mis hits roll true and they are customizable to every golfer. I put the Cure RX3F putter in the bag and promptly won the WAGT National Championship. Then I used it to finish 3rd in my flight at the 2015 World Amateur Golfers Championship in Antalya, Turkey. It just works!


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