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Carolyn Bivens out as LPGA Commish

Scott Halleran/Getty Images
Scott Halleran/Getty Images

Ron Sirak of Golfworld has reported that Carolyn Bivens’ tenure as LPGA Commissioner will end shortly after the Women’s US Open which is being contested this week. The petition letter that was signed by several prominent LPGA players was a “death sentence.”

I was wondering if she would stick around for a buyout of her contract, and as it turns out Bivens and the LPGA have agreed on a financial arrangement. Here is the statement released by the LPGA today:

“As we’ve said throughout the week, we want all of those interested in women’s professional golf to focus on the play here at the U.S. Women’s Open, which has started today and will conclude this weekend when the 2009 champion is crowned. Out of respect to the USGA and the amazing work that they’ve done and continue to do in producing and hosting this great event, we will not respond to media reports on internal matters related to the LPGA business. The LPGA players, staff and Board care deeply about our Tour, and we’re all working hard to achieve the same long-term objective to grow our Tour. We look forward to a great week of golf.”

The commissioner’s approach and style in negotiating with tournament sponsors led to many events folding or pulling their sponsorship. According to the report, she had a “My way or the highway” attitude, and it seems like the highway was the better option for many tournament sponsors. Combined with a few ill-timed public relations gaffs, The players seemingly had enough of her leadership and called for her resignation this week. Now it appears that the players have gotten their wish. I just hope the organization can find and hire a new commissioner in time to rescue this sinking ship.

Since I ride by her place every time I play there, I’ll be keeping and eye on Biven’s 4200 sq/ft, $1.5 million home in the Halifax Plantation community of Ormond Beach FL, in case the “For Sale” sign goes up. Anyone interested?

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