CADI is Changing Golf Retail

For decades, the usual procedure for buying new clubs was to drop by the local golf retailer and buy your clubs off the rack. If you were lucky, one of your friends had the same club(s) and you got a chance to try it for a few swings before you bought it. Chances are more likely however, that the new driver sitting in your bag was a blind purchase. You took a chance that it would work out. Sometimes it does and you love the club, but most of the time it doesn’t and the club either sits in the garage or ends up as a trade-in or eBay auction. Now that driver prices have risen beyond the $500 mark, it’s no longer worth it to simply buy a driver off the shelf without a live demo first.

That’s where the ingenious Cadi Kiosk comes in. Every day can be a demo day if your course has a Cadi Kiosk installed. Simply use the touch screen interface to browse from a selection of the latest driver, fairway, hybrid and putter models, choose the one you like, swipe your credit card and a door will open with your club within reach. Simply grab it and it’s yours to try for the day on the course! Warm up with the club, take it on the course and hit it under real conditions. If you love the club, simply keep it and your card will be charged the full purchase amount. Easy peasy!

If you don’t like it or want to try something else, just return to the Cadi Kiosk and scan the club’s barcode. The system will ask if you want to return or exchange the club and you simply follow along. When returning the club, it will open a locked door for you to insert the club, then you simply walk away. The fee for a full day demo will likely be around $10. If you end up purchasing the club, the demo fee is credited back to you.

During the demo process, it is inevitable that some clubs will start to show signs of use. Not only will the Cadi Kiosk’s inventory will be updated regularly with new clubs, but the prices of slightly used demo clubs will also be adjusted to reflect their condition. This is another way to save money if you don’t mind buying a slightly used club.

With Cadi, there’s no need to go to the big box or specialty golf retailer. If you prefer to hit clubs on the course in real conditions instead of into a net or some jacked-up simulator, the Cadi Kiosk is for you. For golf course operators, placing a Cadi kiosk in a strategic location is a simple and effective way to enhance the golfer experience and expand their services without carrying more inventory.

Cadi plans to offer drivers, fairways, hybrids and putters from the most popular brands such as Callaway, Taylor Made, Cobra, Titleist/Scotty Cameron and more. The first of their innovative Kiosks is located at Orange Lake Resort in Kissimmee, Florida near the theme parks in Orlando. Plans are to open more locations in Florida and California in the near future.

For more information and to locate a Cadi Kiosk near you, visit https://www.cadikiosk.com or check out their Facebook Page!

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  • Good article on a fascinating idea. I want one of these at my local club.

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