Boxgroove.com – Access Private Golf Courses Without The Membership Fees!

Save 10% on Boxgroove.com Premium membershipI love playing golf on private golf courses, like my favorite – The Jupiter Hills Club. The course is always in great shape, the players are sparse, and the facilities are usually top notch. The problem is, I would have to sell my house and live in my car to afford a membership. Most private establishments require you to be invited to join, and then demand a hefty five-figure initiation fee. The yearly dues and restaurant charges add up fast, as do all the other little amounts that go along with being a member at a private club. After all, you can’t show up at a posh country club in ratty old cargo shorts and dirty shoes. So, you’ll have to upgrade your wardrobe, shell out some good tips for the staff, entertain guests in the restaurant and at the member-guest, and if you would like to play elsewhere for a change, you still have to pay guest fees.

Needless to say, the vast majority of golfers in the country can’t afford to play at private golf clubs. Or can they? Boxgroove.com is about to change the way we look at private golf courses. Their goal is to connect serious golfers seeking diverse golf experiences with private courses using an inventive, reliable online network. Members of the Boxgroove.com network can play private golf courses all around the country without being a member of a club with reciprocal privileges, or having to know a member to get a tee time. Once you join Boxgroove.com, you simply browse their network of private golf clubs, make a tee time, and go play!

Yeah, I know what you are thinking – “What’s the catch? It probably costs $1000 to join…” Well, Standard memberships at Boxgroove.com are FREE. That’s right, it costs you nothing to join. For occasional users or players in emerging markets, the free membership is ideal. Simply sign up and select from the available tee times at the course of your choice! Boxgroove also offers a Premium membership for only $49 per year. That’s about the price of one greens fee and lunch at the local cow-pasture municipal course. For your $49 investment, you get to purchase and request preferred tee times at all of the Boxgroove network’s private courses. The $19.95 booking surcharge that Standard members pay when booking tee times is waived for Premium members, so simply playing three rounds per year more than pays for your Premium membership.

The network of private golf courses at Boxgroove.com is growing fast, and more courses are joining the Boxgroove network every day. What better way to cap off a great business trip or vacation with a round of golf at a private club in the city you are traveling in! All you have to do is log in and book a tee time. Another nice feature of having an online network like this one is that you can meet people and share your experiences. Like many other social networks, you can create a public profile that other members can see, and you can add friends and arrange a game with other members any time. It’s all part of being a member.

I’ve joined Boxgroove.com and several of my friends have also. Why not join us? It’s free! As an affiliate, I can also offer readers of Intothegrain.com 10% off on a Premium membership. The best part about being a member at a private golf club is the feeling of exclusivity and privilege that comes with it. Well, now you can be a member for a day at countless private golf clubs all over the country without the huge bills!

When you join, go to the golfer directory and search for me – John Duval – tell me you came from Intothegrain.com and add me as a friend!

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7 thoughts on “Boxgroove.com – Access Private Golf Courses Without The Membership Fees!

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  • The amount of courses is not growing every day. More than half the states in this country have no courses it seems. Heck most of the great golfing states like AZ and CA have virtually nothing (less than a handfull). Unless you live in 1 of the 3-4 states that actually has multiple courses this service is kind of a joke. I believe you said you live in FL, how is this service beneficial in FL. Most of the courses are far too sparse except maybe Ft Myers.

    Perhaps you should let people know that you did not join and were given this service free for writing the blog post about it? Just my thoughts.

  • I was not given anything for free, except the free membership. In fact, I am an affiliate, so I can make money by attracting new members. I’m not hiding that fact, that’s how you grow a business and make it great for everyone.

    Boxgroove has a fantastic concept and like any new business, it takes time to add courses to their network. Boxgroove uses its affiliates (like me) to grow their network and attract more courses. The more the word gets out, the more courses join up, and the more options the members have. You will see this snowball effect in that regard. By the end of February we should have close to 100 courses.

    Look, the standard membership is free, so what’s there to complain about? If there aren’t enough courses in your area, why don’t you contact Boxgroove and ask them to get to work adding some? That’s why they have a “contact us” link.

    If you have any other questions/comments, I’ll be happy to address them. Thanks!


  • So in other words, this post is not really an informative thing or news really, just an advertisement for a service you get paid for if it works? I get it now.

  • John Duval

    This article is promoting a good service that allows golfers to play courses they previously never had access to. I’m promoting it because I think it’s a good idea and I want to help get the word out. I don’t see how you can have a problem with that.

    I write about golf clubs, accessories, courses and more for nothing. I write because it’s providing a service to golfers and I love doing it, but it costs money to design, host and run a website. I use some advertising and affiliate programs to offset those costs, and this is clearly disclosed on the legal page of this site. It’s no different than if someone wanted to pay me money to place an ad on my website. I’m not trying to fool anyone. If I didn’t think what Boxgroove.com was offering was worth my time, I wouldn’t write about it.

    With all due respect, if you don’t like what Boxgroove.com has to offer, then don’t join.

  • Hey DF,

    I appreciate your comments on the boxgroove.com network. I am the VP of Marketing for boxgroove.com. We may not be growing “daily” but we are growing “rapidly”. We just launched our company in June of 2009 with a major focus in our home state of Ohio. Today we have 91 courses in the network.

    Our network may not yet be at your doorstep, but our team is meeting with Country Club Management Companies, Golf Associations and Country Club GM’s on a daily basis. The boxgroove.com network is more than just pins on a map. We strive to have partnerships that allow our golfers to truly ” test drive the country club experience”

    I hope you will continue to visit boxgroove.com and be part of the excitement that we are anticipating during the 2010 golf season. We made our Standard Membership “free”(includes small booking fee to get tee times)so golfers like yourself could come into the network and watch our growth.

    Here’s to getting on the TEE BOX soon!

  • FrankN

    One of the problems I’ve run into with Boxgroove is that they charge $20 to REQUEST a tee time. If you don’t accept a tee time that is offered, you don’t get your money back. They have been less than helpful in listening to my complaint and are even refusing to refund my membership payment ( I requested they cancel my membership after they wouldn’t return my $20) even though I haven’t used the service this year. They’re more interested in making a few bucks than treating a member well…

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