2021 Holiday Gift Guide – Accessories

DriveForce Nutrition – DF-18 Drink Blend

Ever lose your focus or have an energy crash on the back nine? DriveForce, a newly formed sports nutrition company specializing in creating functional health products, is proud to introduce DF-18 – a premium pre-round performance blend that sustains a golfer’s focus, hydration, and stamina for hours while playing golf. The innovative powdered formula, available in single-serving packets, contains no added sugar or caffeine, but rather a multitude of health promoting ingredients designed to be mixed with a bottle of water and consumed before a round.

Old Trapper Meat Snacks

Old Trapper Beef Jerky

Old Trapper has been a staple in my golf bag for a while. I like to eat something when playing golf to maintain energy and replenish lost nutrients, and on hot summer days in Florida you sweat a lot, so the salty, low fat, protein filled beef sticks and jerky from Old Trapper are the perfect snack to keep you going strong. Beef jerky is a great golf course snack also because it’s not messy, keeps for a long time and comes in a resealable package you can stuff in your golf bag. Give Old Trapper a try! I believe they make the best store-bought jerky you can get. I get the variety packs on Amazon to save money and get it faster with Prime.

Flightscope Mevo & Mevo+

Flightscope MEVO Plus

I have had my Flightscope MEVO for a few years and use it all the time on the range to see how newer clubs stack up against older ones, and to see how much club head speed I’ve lost over the years from getting old and fat. All kidding aside, a Flightscope MEVO or MEVO+ is an invaluable tool to get much of the same launch data you get from the super expensive versions you see out on the tour and professional fitting studios, without the huge price tag. The MEVO+ adds a golf simulator feature for indoor use and measures even more data parameters for serious golf enthusiasts and club fitters. Check out their website now for holiday specials, or get the MEVO+ on Amazon here!

Perfect Practice Putting Mat

Perfect Practice Putting Mat

There probably isn’t one piece of golf gear that I use more than my Perfect Practice Putting Mat. I use it almost every day, rolling putts, trying different putters, stances and grips, searching for the right combination that will help me make more putts and shoot lower scores. The alignment lines are hugely helpful and ensure I’m aiming properly, and rolling putts on the mat helps build muscle memory. For $139.98 on Amazon you can’t really get better value for a golf training aid.

Big Max Blade IP

Big Max Golf Blade IP Pushcart

The Big Max Blade IP is simply the best manual push cart on the market today in my opinion. The Austrian company doesn’t skimp on quality, and the Blade IP is built like a tank, but the clever engineering allows it to fold up nice and flat for easy storage. The process to open and close the Blade IP takes only a few seconds, and the Quick Fix mounting points allow the attachment of and easy access to popular accessories like a rangefinder, smartphone, umbrella and more. Priced at $349, the Big Max Golf Blade IP isn’t the cheapest push cart on the market, but I think the value is there for a solid trolley that won’t let you down.

Precision Pro R1 Smart Rangefinder


The Precision Pro R1 rangefinder is the next step in smart rangefinder technology. By pairing to your phone via Bluetooth and the Precision Pro App, the R1 can access real time weather data to tell you wind strength and direction, access GPS distances and a new feature called MySlope that combines a player’s unique ball data with environmental variables. like launch angle, spin rate, altitude, ball speed, temperature & humidity to provide more accurate information to the golfer. Perhaps the best feature you hope to never use, the app also helps you locate your rangefinder if it ever gets lost. Combine all this technology for around $300 and you have a winning combination!

Bushnell Wingman Speaker

Bushnell Wingman - In hand

Bushnell’s Wingman speaker has been a smash hit since its introduction a few years ago. A powerful magnet allows it to be attached to any metal surface, like the supports on a golf cart, push cart, even in your garage. It’s also a great tailgate option because of the powerful sound and compact size. The Bushnell app lets you play around with some snarky voice-to-text and get GPS distances spoken through the speaker at the push of a button. It’s quite simply the perfect multipurpose Bluetooth speaker on the market.

PowerPlate Mini+ Massage Gun

Handheld percussion massagers have become all the rage lately and there are dozens out there on sites like Amazon, but it’s hard to tell which are quality made and which are cheap knockoffs. PowerPlate’s Mini+ massage gun is one of the good ones! It weighs just under 1 pound and is very portable. It’s easy to bring it to the gym, golf course or even the office. I use one to greatly reduce warm up time at the golf course by massaging my shoulders and arms to increase blood flow and get my body ready to play. I also use it after playing to speed recovery and relieve pain and soreness. AT $179. it’s also one of the more affordable massage guns out there.

Ballwash Products

Ballsy Grooming Products

Look, when your company is called Ballsy, you are expected to make products that have provocative names. Men’s grooming products don’t have to be taken so seriously, right? With taglines like “We’ve got your sack” and “Keep your jewels jolly” clearly they’re not taking themselves too seriously. But they do take their cleaning products seriously. From head to toe they’ve got men covered with products like Ballwash (shower gel), Nut Rub (solid cologne), Sack Spray (deodorant spray) and Ball Balm (soothing cream). Having tested their products on my own [clears throat] jewels, I can say they have a winning collection! Take a look for yourselves and save 20% with the special promo code on their website!

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