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Pro Tips From Golf’s Best Players

Every player across the world is constantly looking to improve their game, no matter if they’re a regular player or just enjoy a weekly round at the local course. When watching the professionals take to the course on TV, or if you’re lucky enough to go to a live tournament, it’s awe inspiring to see them play.

We can all learn something from the world’s best golfers. Below we take a look at some of their best hints and tips to get you striking the ball, and holing your putts, better than ever before.

Short game supremacy

One of the most memorable victors this year was Japanese player, Hideki Matsuyama. The 29-year-old became the first player from Japan to win a major when he won the 2021 Masters by one shot.

Matsuyama’s mastery from around the green is a real feature of his play. But how does he do it? You will see him try to keep his clubface level when chipping. Keeping his right wrist straight, the left bends and allows a better angle to create a shot which has a high trajectory and a soft landing. Matsuyama also keeps his knees flexed throughout the swing, ensuring that he doesn’t bob up and down, that could be a real approach shot killer.

Hit the greens with envy

Tiger Woods is obviously synonymous with success, even when he’s not playing. He recently gave support to the US Ryder Cup team as they dominated their opponents from Europe. So, who better to get the inside track to finish each hole confidently? Woods says preparation is absolutely vital and not only in practicing the putting action itself. Although not the most glamorous of training regimes, it’s helpful to know the greens. By having advance awareness of things like hole placement, breaks on the surface and even the direction of the grain. It gives players an extra confidence ahead of walking to the green. Allowing you to be fully prepared and concentrating on your putt.

Delivering with the driver

Jon Rahm’s strength and ability with the driver sets him apart from his contemporaries. Coming off his first major victory at the U.S. Open, he’s already been tabbed as a favorite for the Masters when the 2022 major season kicks off. Though it’s quite early as of this writing, the sports betting section on Ladbrokes has already posted official odds for the 2022 Masters, and Rahm is out in front.

The key to the Spaniard’s growing success is in his short and powerful swing. By not thinking what his hands are doing, he concentrates on moving his torso, arms and club together. Knowing instantly if it’s a good backswing by feeling it in his right hip, Rahm then loads up the weight on his right foot and thigh. Following that with a hard push into the ground on his downswing, Rahm generates the power to unleash the drives that so many want to replicate.

Photo Credit: Forbes

Avoiding the bunker blues

Rickie Fowler has been known to hit some spectacular shots from the green-side sand, arguably none more so than the one which saw him hole out from 50 yards at the 2016 Abu Dhabi HSBC Championship. So, how does the flamboyant Californian do it?

He recommends having a wide stance, placing your feet shoulder-width or further apart. Then with an open clubface, and 60-70% of your weight on the front foot, swing through the ball and keep going a little more. Fowler keeps his right knuckles facing the ground throughout the shot, helping the club glide through – rather than digging into the sand.

Photo Credit: Golf Digest

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