15 Ways To Make Dad Happy On Father’s Day

This year Father’s Day falls on Sunday, June 18th in the United States and if you are reading this there’s a good chance your father plays golf and you are looking for gift suggestions. Heck, you may even be a father looking for ideas of what to drop hints to your family about. Either way, we’ve compiled an extensive list of no less than 15 gifts in all price ranges that we think will make your father very happy. Happy shopping!

Tattoo Golf – Your dad may not be as cool as he once was, but dress him in some slick duds from Tattoo Golf and he’ll look like a badass again. Tattoo Golf doesn’t care what the dress code at your club is, and they don’t care about your boring khakis either. They like skulls, and they like showing them off. Deal with it. https://www.tattoogolf.com

Tattoo Golf OB white golf shirt

Nexbelt – One of the originals in the “belts without holes” category, Nexbelt makes high quality belts for all occasions. They have a belt and buckle combo for just about everybody. For Father’s Day, use promo code DAD20 get 20% off your entire order! https://www.nexbelt.com

Nexbelt Go-In Grid Belt

Royal & Awesome – Another company that takes subtlety and punches it in the face – Royal & Awesome makes golf trousers, shorts, shirts, hats and accessories for the golfer that wants to make a bold statement. Their wild and colorful patterns will certainly turn heads, and if you think playing golf in these is offensive, maybe you should just take up tennis. http://www.royalandawesome.com/mens

Royal & Awesome Old Tom's Trews

Ecco Cage Pro BOA – Regular readers of the site know I’m a huge fan of Ecco. I think they make the most comfortable and best performing golf shoe in the world. The introduction of the Ecco Cage Pro BOA is further proof that Ecco isn’t fooling around. The new SPYDR-GRIP outsole doesn’t pick up grass and dirt as you walk, yet provides ample traction during the most violent of swings. The easy to use BOA closure system works better than traditional shoelaces and provides a more precise fit. http://us.shop.ecco.com/golf-shoes/

Ecco Cage Pro BOA Golf Shoes

Honma Golf – Home of the $75,000 golf clubs, Honma also makes much more affordable clubs with their Tour World line that is played by most of Honma’s professional tour staff. As I’ve mentioned before, they are entering the US market with a bang and you’ll want to get on the train before it leaves the station. Their clubs are for real, and if your dad is a serious golfer he’ll appreciate these premium quality sticks. http://honmagolfusa.com

MLA Putters – MLA’s patented alignment technology is unique and innovative. Their putters are also well built, perform well and are gaining a foothold on the professional tours. The new Tour Series Black Edition putters take the line to a whole new level and look positively awesome. MLA stands for Multiple Line Activation in case you were wondering. https://www.mla.golf


Exotics EX10 Woods – Tour Edge has been making some of the hottest and best performing fairways for years, and to stay on top of the mountain in 2017 they’ve given us the new EX10 woods. Make no mistake, this is one serious fairway wood. In early testing so far, I’m seeing gains of 8-10 yards over my old steel headed 3-wood. The bottom line is – If you can’t hit the Exotics EX10 fairways, you can’t hit any. http://touredge.com/products/ex10fairway.asp

Exotics EX10 Beta Three Wood

Forte Golf Balls – Australians know quite a bit about golf. They have some of the best courses in the world and the country has produced generation after generation of world renowned golfers. It’s only natural then, that they would bring us a top notch golf ball. Iv’e been testing the Forte Tour Performance S golf ball and they perform on par with or better than any tour level ball from any of the big names. In my opinion it compares most to the Titleist ProV1 in terms of feel and spin. https://fortegolf.com.au

Volvik Vivid – If you wear pants from Royal & Awesome, you may as well complete your outfit with golf balls that are as bright and colorful as your pants! Enter the Volvik Vivid – The world’s first matte finish golf ball. The matte finish really makes these balls pop, and they are available in 7 colors too.

Volvik Vivid Golf Balls

Lostgolfballs.com – If your dad’s divots sometimes go further than the shot and he sprays the ball all over creation, maybe you should consider buying his some gently used golf balls instead of spending the extra money on new ones. Lostgolfballs.com is the place to go for used balls in great condition for a fair price. https://www.lostgolfballs.com

Reks Optics – I discovered Reks a little while ago and after wearing their sunglasses for almost a year I can say with confidence that there’s no better combination of performance and value than what Reks is offering. Their glasses are comfortable to wear, perform great, look sharp, are virtually indestructible and carry a 24 month warranty. All this and you can buy 3 or 4 pairs for the price of one pair of those other overpriced brands. https://reksoptics.com

Reks Polarized Sunglasses

Golf Pride Align Grips – Golf grips are pretty boring, and nothing new and exciting has come along in grip technology since Winn grips over 10 years ago. Until this year when market leader Golf Pride introduced the MCC ALIGN grips. With a raised ridge down the spine of the grip serving as a reminder for consistent hand placement, the feedback is instant and positive. I highly recommend these grips, and I’ll be putting them on my clubs as soon as they are in stock again! https://www.golfpride.com/grips/mcc-align/

Golf Pride MCC Align Grips

Frogger Latch-It Accessories – The 2017 Best Product award winner at the PGA Merchandise Show, Frogger’s innovative Latch-It ecosystem is my favorite new golf gadget. When it comes to being in control of all your devices and tools on the golf course, many have tried but all have failed – until now. Latch-It allows you to attach towels, range finders, phones, brushes and more to your bag, cart or belt and makes it easy. https://www.froggergolf.com/shop/latch-it/

Bushnell X2 Pro Rangefinder – Bushnell is the most used range finder on the PGA Tour, and their new top of the line model is called the Pro X2. It is fully waterproof, accurate to 1/2 yard and ranges up to 1300 yards. Bushnell’s PinSeeker technology locks on to the flag and the device vibrates to let you know you’ve got the flag locked. The X2 Pro also allows golfers to turn the slope adjustment feature on of off to make it tournament legal. If you want one of the best rangefinders available, the Bushnell Pro X2 would be a good start. http://bushnellgolf.com/laser-rangefinders/pro-x2/

SkyCaddie TOUCH GPS – If laser rangefinders aren’t Dad’s cup of tea and he prefers a GPS device, why not get him the best one out there? SkyCaddie has been leading the golf GPS market for years, and their flagship product is the SkyCaddie TOUCH. With a large color touchscreen and bluetooth connectivity for your phone and the SkyGolf 360 free app, the TOUCH has all the features you are looking for to help you navigate your way around the golf course. http://www.newskycaddie.com/products/SkyCaddie-TOUCH

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