You Can’t Miss the New TaylorMade TP5 Pix Golf Balls

Clearly, the era of boring, plain white golf balls is over. Every year at the PGA Merchandise Show – the golf industry’s annual trade show – more and more companies are showing off new golf balls with ever more bright and creative graphics.

Very conspicuously, TaylorMade Golf wasn’t at the PGA Show this year. In a weird way, their absence had almost as much impact as if they had been in attendance. For example, the release of a new golf ball doesn’t normally create waves, but since we didn’t see the new TP5 Pix golf balls at the PGA Show, this announcement is now more impactful. Well played TaylorMade… I think?

The new TP5 Pix golf balls are the same excellent TP5 golf ball, with some distinct graphics added for greater visual impact. As TaylorMade describes it: The TP5 Pix golf balls are “optically designed using advanced visual technology to offer more visibility in The Most Complete Tour Ball in TaylorMade’s product lineup.”

Tech Talk

Pix, derived from ‘pixelated’, was designed following extensive research with partners at Indiana University, who also helped them design their latest putter line.

From the official press release: “First and foremost, Pix™ is easier to see than a normal white golf ball. The human eye processes lighter colors more efficiently when it’s darker and darker colors when it’s lighter. It’s this phenomenon that led designers to the two-color design of TP5 Pix. Whereas most competitive products have only one color within a single image or shape, TP5 Pix’s unique design features 2 colors within one shape, further enhancing visibility and delivering a product that’s easy to see, regardless of the time of play during the day. Producing this shape requires a unique, one-of-a-kind printing machine which has taken more than 18 months to design and develop.”

Seems to me like a lot of words to say “we’ve painted this cool pattern on our golf ball so you can see it better.” Naturally, there’s some science behind the design of the pattern and the colors they used, but in the end it will allow the golfer to see the spin of the golf ball on short shots and putts.

As I’m currently gaming the TP5 myself, I’ll be putting these in play to see if they help me visualize the spin of my pushed and pulled putts or chunked chip shots! (Just kidding, I never push putts. The pulls though…UGH)

Taylor Made Golf TP5 Pix Golf Balls

Pricing & Availability

TP5 Pix will be available (US and Canada only) at retail on March 22 at an MSRP of $44.99 USD per dozen. Pix is not currently available in the TP5x golf ball. To learn more about TP5 Pix or any of TaylorMade’s ’19 golf ball offerings, visit TaylorMadeGolf.com.

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